To create an avenue for people to participate in political, cultural, educational, and social events to celebrate European heritage.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Towson Community Outreach

The Towson chapter of the Traditionalist Youth Network is going to be holding a food drive for a local food bank. As we begin to move into the Fall and the Holiday season where needs for families grow, White families are continuously left out of the System of government support. There is no National Association for the Advancement of White People or other organizations that are based upon helping our people fulfill our needs. Contact us through the Traditionalist Youth Network website for those interested in donating either time or food to our activities. We hope to have our donations prepared before All Saints Day and the Towson Trad Youth chapter will be attending a Society of Saint Pius X mass together in the local area on All Saints Day so all Christians are invited to join us. Thank you all for the support in advance.
 -Jeff T: Towson Trad Youth Chief Communications Officer

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Matthew Heimbach to speak at Council of Conservative Citizens Conference

I have been added to the speakers list for the upcoming COFCC conference that is being held Friday and Saturday June 7th and 8th in Winston-Salem, NC. The Conference will take place at the Hawthorne Inn & Conference center. I will be speaking on the subject of how white Americans can join together to advocate for our own best interests, and create a future for our children. I look forward to seeing friends and comrades at this event. Register now at

                                                                                             -Matt Heimbach

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WSU IS Going National: Creation of the Traditionalist Youth Network

Well comrades, we did it. As the school year at Towson University is officially over, I think it is time to take a look back at all that we have accomplished over the course of just one short year. From humble beginnings in a dorm room on campus, to being able to fill the back room of this restaurant with all of you enthusiastic white students, we have proven that the message of our folk is contagious. The desire to live in a nation made for our people and by our people has brought all of you here tonight. From putting out thousands of pieces of pro-white literature, to the speaker series, target practice, book club, the rally at May Day, and everything in between, the Towson White Student Union has built a community for us all. No longer do white students union have to feel ostracized and alone for having pride in their people while witnessing the genocide of our race. Finally a group has had the courage to stand up and organize against our enemies.

I want to take a moment to thank the men and women who have stood by my side. Many of you sitting up here at the executive board table have been here from Youth for Western Civilization through it all. I am humbled that men and women of such high caliber stayed loyal to my leadership and I know that most of you will be heavily involved in our upcoming project

The question on everyones mind tonight is “What does the future hold?” We all know the future of our people if we do not do something to stop our systematic genocide, but tonight I mean where does the WSU go from here. Dealing with being shut out by the University administration, we must continue to look towards expanding off of the campus and being the nucleus of a social movement to radically alter the face of this nation. As the youth organization Generation Identitaire is doing in France, we must recognize that while race is a key component, our folk customs, language, and Faith are all united in creating our identity.

Myself and other members of the executive board have been meeting with and discussing the possibility of uniting under a new banner with proven allies. Matt Parrott who is a true friend of mine and a prolific writer for the pro-white movement has proposed the creation of a new organization called the Traditionalist Youth Network. Working side by side we have drafted an organization that will take the message of the WSU far beyond the confines of Towson. This will be an avenue to organize a wide coalition of Kinists, social conservatives, Traditionalist Christians, believers in Right-Wing political ideologies, and other factions of the pro-white movement. I know that I myself have allowed my temper to flare on occasion with frustration at various segments of the pro-white movement throughout the course of my political career, and I know that all of my decisions have not been met with universal acclaim. But the future of our people is wider than just Towson University or personal views, we are facing an opportunity to begin the creation of a social movement that will bring together many smaller organizations are create a front to begin moving our people away from the cliff of diversity, and back onto sure footing. I have proposed the merger of the Towson White Student Union with the Traditionalist Youth Network to the executive board. With one abstention the motion has been passed unanimously. The board has graciously elected me to continue my role of leadership of our chapter and appointed Paddy to be my Vice-President. I know you all understand the stakes of our fight, and I hope and pray that this next year will bring us closer towards our goal of being able to say with confidence that our people have a Homeland and that our children will be safe. Thank you all and God bless you.
-Transcript of President Heimbach's speech from May 21st End of the Year WSU meeting.

Postscript: The new website and content for our activism will be based out of Myself and Matt Parrott will be beginning a discussion podcast that includes commentary on news events, interviews, music, and a whole lot of surprises. Several plans for activism and recruitment in our local communities alongside interest from students around the nation guarantees that this will be a very busy summer! I will be leaving the WSU blog up for the next week to make sure everyone gets this message. I cannot wait to continue our work off of the campus and to be able to bring our message to the world. We will need all of your support to be able to make this movement happen, I look forward to working with all of you. See you all at and thank you all for your support this year.

-Traditionalist Youth Network Executive Director Matthew Heimbach

Thursday, May 9, 2013

WSU President to Speak Tonight

White Student Union President Mr. Matthew Heimbach will be giving a speech to a local Republican organization tonight to discuss how "Blue collar white workers are the only salvation for the Republican Party." A video will be posted tonight of the speech and the WSU looks forward to a night of thought provoking ideas and fellowship with the local GOP.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fan Artwork for the Battle of May Day

A comrade of ours in the Florida League of the South made this illustration about the WSU conflict against the communists in DC for May Day. Our flag will always fly high and we will never surrender. Deo Vindice

The Lord Has Risen!

Today is the day of true celebration for the entire Orthodox Christian world. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has risen from the grave and has defeated death. His return proves that God is stronger than Satan and through trusting in him we can be delivered from our foes. When we ask ourselves how to move forward to achieve victory let us remember what it says in Scripture. Matthew 10:33 states that "He that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father in Heaven." The attacks upon our folk and our Fatherland is because of our denial of the Faith. The answer to this problem is clear. We must no longer whimper and cower when the enemy marches in our streets and attacks our values. We must go on the offensive to stand for Truth, for justice, and our morals. We must be without compromise in standing for what is true and just. Matthew 6:33 "Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you."

May God bless the Orthodox Church, the Occident, and all of his people to promote a revival of the Church Militant and our dedication to his cause. Remember to honor true Christian leaders around the world and in America may we find the next generation of men to lead our people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praying in Easter Service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Read more:

May Day RamZPaul Video

Mr. Paul Ramsey is a hero and a rising star in the alternative right movement. Mr. Ramsey uses humor to get our message across to millions of viewers on Youtube and other forms of social media. I was honored to meet him in person at the American Renaissance conference and had a fantastic time exchanging ideas, having a few beers, and enjoying some real Tennessee hospitality (the type where Communists get threatened by the locals, the Reds smash a bottle over a nationalist girls head, then they get beat in a bar fight, and then they are thrown out and the nationalists get bought several rounds of drinks by the locals to apologize for letting the Reds in the door.) Mr. Ramsey is a true patriot and everyone who supports the WSU should watch his videos. Mr. Ramsey was kind enough to do a video about the WSU march against the communists, check out below. -Matthew Heimbach

Saturday, May 4, 2013

After Action Report

An Honest Plea 
   As most of you have already heard or seen the footage by now, the WSU confronted a horde of self-styled reds, Marxists, anarcho-syndicalists, ever dedicated full-time bearded baristas and professional couch-surfers in front of the north lawn of the white house in the nation's capital last Wednesday.  The reds, in their attempts to make us look like "white supremacists" (with generous aid from the left-wing, liberal media in using that term to describe us in nearly every article out there from the Huffington Post to Raw Story) have, in a fashion so embarrassingly typical of their perverted ilk, only succeeded in shooting themselves in the foot this time, which can be easily witnessed by the thousands of comments supportive of our folks featured in the many videos posted all over the inter-web.  Indeed, their pitiable attempts at this backfired, thus making them look like the rabid aggressors, which in truth, they were. 

 Of course, we knew full well the gang of lazy, single-digit, basement-dwelling oxygen thieves would react the way they did.  Although, we do admit the bottles of urine we were doused with was an authentic surprise.  I mean, hey, nothing says "the workers struggle has no borders" more than flinging your own bodily fluids at a political adversary!  What we did not expect, of course was just how lowly these types in their rotten nature were, when the next day we viewed footage of them storming a Gap clothing store and looting it whilst terrorizing the workers (remember, take note once again, this is the tolerant crowd that audaciously shout from the hilltops "solidarity with the worker").  And, in yet another cowardly move, the mass of asymmetrical-faced degenerates then viciously attacked the police ten to one and shouted death threats at them.  But what this says more than anything, and what is perhaps most spine-rattling is how obviously helpless, vulnerable and lacking-in-support the police were.  Bear in mind, too this happened in Washington D.C. - the lion's den.  Coming from a family of police and military, I know something about these scenes didn't look right.  For one thing, after the violence at the Gap store, they were allowed to continue the march.  The lack of police backup was, to say the least, frightening to the core, for even after they assaulted and beat two officers in front of the Gap, one of them, upon confronting us leaped upon an officer and proceeded to hit him repeatedly in the face.  It was not long after this that one of our friends and comrades was assaulted.  And I say that not to discredit our brave officers who protected us in the name of liberty and free speech once the insufferable sea of anti-White, anti-Western, expendable socialist cruds tried to wash over us.  Indeed, our hearts go out to all of those officers; their families are truly blessed to have such honorable, bold men stand against a swarm of weak, disorganized. limp-wristed slobs and we salute them all.  What we at the WSU so gravely want to stress is that this is a sign of the times to come.  Like it or not, this is where we are headed, guys.  Our own police were deprived of much-needed reinforcements in the nation's capital.  An even more alarming scenario took place in Seattle, where eighteen of our police were assaulted.  This has already been the reality for years in some nations in Europe, including Poland, the U.K., and especially Greece.  The left in this country are becoming more radical than they have in years, and they are hellbent on snatching away all of your cultures and the traditions they birthed in the name of an ideology they know so little about (oh, the shock), one that has failed many times over in its short but bloody history that left millions dead and many more starved, tortured, hopelessly impoverished and miserable.  Another thing to take note is that this is an annual march for them, and nearly every year there are problems.  Yet, they are permitted to convene every year, on the first of the month of May and engage in their usual thuggery and apish "revolutionary" activities, which mostly involve shouting profanities, urinating in the streets, looting stores and businesses (you know, in the name of worker's solidarity) attacking police officers, terrorizing the citizenry, and threatening tourists and passersby, especially those who voice their dissent at their barbaric and low-class behavior. 

 To those on the other side of the fence who despise us and what we stand for, we urge you, from the bottom of our hearts to consider this:  Take a good, hard gander at the young faces amongst that crowd.  Harness for but a moment your political convictions, clear your minds and forget what your professors and media czars have said.  Can you truly, honestly look at these misguided young men and women and say you see decent, civilized, PEACEFUL youths fighting for human rights?  Does truth and spirit glimmer in their damning eyes and obscene tongues as they shout vile, hateful rhetoric to our police who lay their very lives on the line every day for us?  And bear in mind, I'm not sure how many of you know this, but some of these people were not just "fringe leftists" and your usual run-of-the-mill anarcho creeps who've heard one too many Kathleen Hanna records, either.  Some of them among the crowd were in more of the well-known anti-war women's groups like Code Pink, whose members can be seen in a couple of other videos on YouTube debating us.  This is what the future is if you don't wipe the sleep out of your eyes and accept the fact that the last two generations have FAILED, royally and miserably, I might add, in keeping ungrateful, uncivilized, foul, bratty, little upstarts of the lowest common denominator like this OUT of your lives, OUT of your schools and universities, OUT of your communities, OUT of your families and your homes, OUT of your streets, OUT of your country, and OUT of your beloved hemisphere that your forebears' carved for YOU out of the Occidental wilderness.  We urge you, our brave fellows and countrymen, our bold and graceful ladies of the West, to join us.  If not for your people's sake, then, in the name of all that is sacred and holy, for your families'. 

 Let it be known that on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, the foot soldiers of the multiculturalist left, the legacy of the baby boomer's inverted ethos showed their true colors to America and the rest of the world. 

We always knew who you were.  Now, thanks to your stupidity and ignorance, so does everyone else. 
-WSU Executive Board member Paddy T.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Activism Projects

This White Student Union shall never rest in being advocates for our people. Today, WSU members will be heading out into our community to flag during rush hour. With Right-Wing flags and signs denouncing amnesty we will spread the message that immigration, both legal and illegal, is national suicide. Afterwards we will join together for a vigil for the 150th Anniversary of the battle of Chancellorsville. We will honor the Confederate soldiers who fought and won their greatest victory of the war, but also mourn for the many thousands of Union dead. While the Cause of the Confederacy was right and just, we must remember that the men who wore Union blue were used as puppets by rich men and politicians to invade the South. Any loss of life is tragic so while we will celebrate the victory of Chancellorsville, we do so with a mind to the heavy cost of that victory.

Saturday members of the WSU who are members of the League of the South will be headed to Maryland's Eastern Shore to hand out Free Magnolia newspapers and spread the word about self-determination for the Southern people.

The Left could not drive us off the streets of DC and we will continue to make inroads into our communities and spread our message to a local and national audience. No surrender comrades.
                                                                                                                     -Matt Heimbach

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Whose Streets? OUR STREETS!

Yesterday on May First in Washington DC, members of the White Student Union went to Lafayette Park to protest communism and to advocate for the blue collar working class. Eight of us took to the streets with signs and flags to advocate against amnesty and communism and in support of the working class.

Our signs had messages such as "Commies are class traitors," "100+ Million Killed by Communism," and of course my favorite "Smash Left Wing Scum." For several hours, we peacefully gathered outside the White House and had dozens of positive conversations with tourists and DC residents. A retired military serviceman actually saluted us after having a brief conversation with us. A mother with her children gave us a thumbs up and encouraged us to keep up the fight. We even had several women from Romania come with tears in their eyes to praise our stand against communism while they told us stories of living under the communist regime and the oppression that they faced at the hands of their government. The police were very friendly and cordial and all WSU members obeyed the requests of the police to attempt to ensure a peaceful afternoon. Two girls who were on a missions trip with their church came to join the WSU on the picket line for a short time and then prayed with us for the souls of our opponents and that the Leftists today would hopefully be peaceful.

Prior to arriving at the White House, the Leftists had stormed a GAP store to steal clothes, assault police officers, and harass the low-paid employees inside. In their minds, the way to fight corporatism somehow means screaming at members of the working class just trying to sell pants and polo shirts. So much for worker solidarity.

As the hundreds of communists began making their way down the street toward us, I had the WSU form a solid line away from the heart of where the Left would be gathering in hopes that trouble or scuffles would not break out. With the Betsy Ross flag flying at our center, held aloft by one of our female members, the jeers from the Left started. The enemies were flying red flags, carrying communist signs, and screaming at the top of their lungs. Like a swarm, they descended upon us to scream, chant, stomp their feet, and then throw bags of urine on us. In retrospect, it is almost humorous that they descended to the level of newborn children who don't get what they want. The fact that someone opposed their ideology, which has killed over one hundred million people, just seemed to short circuit their brain.

The Leftists obviously have no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution. While I loathe communism, I attempted to respect their right to the First Amendment. As it usually is, the Right-Wing is too polite for our own good. While the Left accused us of being Brownshirt bully boys, they are the ones who resort to terrorist actions to advance their political agenda. None of our members shouted at them, we did not bring a bullhorn to attempt to drown them out, and we actually moved our picket line down the street to be able to give the Left plenty of room to protest in front of the White House. All we wanted was to be able to provide a counterargument. The Reds began jeering anti-white racial slurs, encouraging others to kill us, and advocating that we kill ourselves, "just like your leader." They continued arguing that we were Fascists or Nazis or both, but when asked what those ideologies actually were, they were silent. Like a trained parrot who only knows a few stock phrases, they repeated the same chants and slogans over and over again with devotion but little intellectual substance. When I began to pray for the Leftists and told them I forgive them, they began defaming Christ and the Church. Putting flags in our faces, giving us the finger, cursing, and spitting on us was as close as they came to being scholars on May Day.

A black anarchist started the first of several physical confrontations of the day by grabbing my tactical Gadsden flag, attempting to light it on fire, and then ripping the patriotic symbol off the flag pole. The Gadsden flag was called "imperialist" and "evil" by the communists, just as the Betsy Ross was referred to by the mob. These people have no love for our nation, our heritage, or the symbols that our ancestors fought under. Not a single patriotic flag was flown by the Reds yesterday, but dozens of Red flags and communist banners filled the Washington sky. The Reds have no respect for private property and decided that thievery was the proper way to handle disagreeing with what my flag represented. When myself and several WSU members attempted to retrieve the flag, the communists began assaulting us with punches and kicks. We defended ourselves until the police broke up the two lines. Minutes later, the Reds launched another assault to take our flags and harm our members. Police came again to separate our two sides and moved us back another few yards while trying to contain the unruly mob. The third conflict came when Reds attempted to take the flag of St. George and the flag of the nation of South Africa before the communist takeover and subsequent genocide of the Afrikaner people. With shouts and cowardly attacks, the Reds stole our two flags and began burning the flag of South Africa while stomping on the Christian symbol of St. George. One black communist attempted to steal the Confederate battle flag and the melee began. To protect the women in our organization and to retake the heroic symbol of our people, the men of the WSU charged to defend life and property. Maryland League of the South Vice Chairman Shane Long fought heroically until he was dragged to the ground by Leftists, as myself, Scott Terry, and other male members fought to defend our fallen comrade. Myself and Mr. Terry recovered the battle flag as hordes of policemen broke up the melee. Mr. Long suffered bruised ribs and the rest of us suffered scrapes and scratches from battling off the Reds. The Left thought that fighting like a gentleman was kicking Mr. Long when he was down and attempting to attack our female members with several shouting, "We'll rape you Nazi bitches." The police then decided to clear the street and to break up the May Day protest. With eight people, the WSU was able to face off against 400 militant communists and anarchists, and we were the last ones to leave the street. Raising the battle flag high, our entire line began to sing Dixie as one of the Leftists was carried off into a police wagon because of assaulting a police officer. I led a final chant of "Whose streets?" to which the WSU replied with gusto, "OUR STREETS!" The Leftists flipped us off and shouted at us, but it soon became evident that they knew that had suffered a defeat. Their singing of "Solidarity Forever" seemed hollow as the police finished clearing the street. As we marched into the night, I saw a look at our future, the enemy may currently outnumber us, but they are paper tigers. Through holding our line, staying strong to our values, and never retreating, we have won the day. No surrender comrades, our people depend on us. -Matthew Heimbach

Friday, April 26, 2013

WSU Honors Mary Phagan

Today members of the White Student Union will be wearing black armbands and black ribbons to mourn for Mary Phagan. Today is the one hundredth anniversary of her brutal rape and murder in a pencil factory in Atlanta Georgia. Her manager, Leo Frank, was convicted of the horrendous crime and was put to death by a posse of Georgia citizens. The case when examined displays just the beginning of our current situation. Leo Frank was a New York Jew who came to Georgia to continue the practice of near enslavement of Southern women in factories. These women were always compensated  far less than what Northern women were (which was a pittance to begin with) which allowed huge profits to be made off the sweat and blood of the most innocent members of the Southern community. Both Northern carpetbaggers and Southern scalawags to this day have no qualms about using anyone, as long as it put money in their pocket. Many of the profits made in these factories were shipped back up North to financial bosses who oppressed the working class in the North and the South.

When Frank was on trial in Atlanta, the Northern media, liberals, and Jewish groups all attempted to corrupt the justice system of Georgia. Hundreds of these Northern agitators flooded into Georgia and raised immense amounts of money to try and set the child murderer free by manipulating public opinion. Out of this case the Anti Defamation League was founded, an organization that has been attacking Christians and white interests for a century now. What happened however is that the men and women of Georgia showed the world that they could not be bought off with thirty pieces of silver. Their child had been taken from them, and there would be justice.

One hundred years ago the people of Georgia resisted outside agitators and insidious internal influences to get justice for Mary Phagan, isn't it time we get justice for all of the victims of our people? WSU members will be wearing the black mourning armbands as a memorial to Mary Phagan, but also all of the members of the folk who have been victimized who still await  righteous justice to punish those who harmed them. May God have mercy on the soul of Mary Phagan and may God motivate all of us to fight for justice for our people.

Lord God, source and destiny of our lives, in Your loving providence You gave us Mary Phagan to grow in wisdom, age, and grace. Now You have called her to Yourself. We grieve over the loss of one so young and struggle to understand Your purpose. Draw her to Yourself and give her full stature in Christ. May she stand with all the angels and saints, who know Your love and praise Your saving will. Amen.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Terrorist Cites SPLC as Reason for Attack on Family Research Council

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization that is at the forefront of the anti-white agenda. Through denouncing any traditionalist organization ranging from parts of the Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts they attempt to suppress anything that is pro European, pro Christian, or simply does not go along with their radical Left wing agenda. While raking in tens of millions of dollars to pay exorbitant salaries to an organization run only by self-hating white liberals and Jews, they sit atop an ivory tower and do their best to further along the genocide of the white race. In their spare time however, it looks like the SPLC is the inspiration for Left wing terrorists. Domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II has been quoted as saying that he wanted to “kill as many [Family Research Council employees] as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” And what is the reason that this Leftist decided to attempt to commit a mass murder of innocent people simply because they supported traditional marriage? Let us turn back to the terrorist see what else he has to say“ [The] Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups... I found them online, did a little research, went to the website, stuff like that." Check out the Examiner article published yesterday for more information. 

Congratulations Southern Poverty Law Center, I hope you all feel real good about yourself. Not only do you push for the destruction of our people and our  faith, but now you are inspiring lunatic Leftists to shoot up their political opponents. Do us all a favor and just go spend your millions of dollars somewhere far away from the rest of us. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honoring a Fallen Hero

Today is the birthday of one of the many forgotten heroes of the folk. José Antonio Primo de Rivera was the founder of the Falange Española and one of the early martyrs in the struggle against communism in the Spanish Civil War. While I personally may not agree with all of his philosophy, Jose Rivera was a honorable and brave man who stood against the forces of communism in an age much like our own, where the enemy had the high ground. To honor this fallen patriot please head on over to Counter Currents and check out an in-depth piece of the man and his legacy, but below I want to include a powerful quote by the man who we all should honor and attempt to emulate. It is our time now comrades to pick up the banner of our fallen brothers, and march forward to victory. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

When your sons inherit the uniforms you now flaunt, they will with them inherit either the shame of hearing it said, "When your father wore this uniform what was once Spain ceased to exist," or the pride of remembering, "Our Spain did not succumb because my father and his brothers-in-arms saved her in the moment of truth." If you do, as the old version of the oath says, "May God reward you," and if you do not, may he call you to account.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baltimore Sun Letter to the Editor from Towson Alumni

A Towson alumni and former SGA Senator Mr. Blaine Taylor wrote in to the Baltimore Sun with a letter to the editor on April 18th. I thought that the message of Mr. Taylor would interest all of our supporters. -Matt Heimbach

"In case no one has noticed it yet, two-thirds of Towson University's past and current student body is and remains white. The current and past regime's mantra of "inclusion" and "diversity" is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise the whites.
This includes the recent Title 9 female over male baseball mess that the current TU president botched. TU is fine with all new ideas, just as long as they are theirs. During 1970-72 as an elected Student Government Association senator, I stood behind the effort to form a Black Student Union. The following year, when same wanted to operate illegally and without any auditing oversight of its spending, I opposed that. I recall vividly how the TU administration and the SGA fell all over themselves to create the BSU, but now they do everything possible to deny whites the same right to form a WSU. The reality is an on-going power struggle to disenfranchise all whites everywhere."
Blaine Taylor

Sunday, April 14, 2013

One Day Closer to Victory

As I sat with two members of the WSU today after church, our conversation turned to the future. In the WSU, we often discuss the heroes of our past, the villains of the present, and our people's future. One thing that is increasingly becoming clear is that the pendulum of history is swinging back in our direction. As the wailing and whining of the Marxist media increases its volume, what I have realized is that these aggressive attacks are actually the beginning of a death song for the Left. Each and every day, more people awaken to the cause of the Church Militant, the defense of our folk, and the establishment of a new Fatherland for our scattered and weary people. The Left's cries of political correctness and name-calling are beginning to fall on deaf ears as white people around the globe have started turning off their televisions and started reawakening to something greater than themselves. With hard work, new ideas, and the dedication that has made our people great, each and every day is one day closer to victory. Do not fear comrades, the night is always darkest right before the dawn. God bless. -Matt Heimbach

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Executive Board Meeting Write Up

As the weekend approaches, the WSU Executive Board has had a great meeting. Our membership and leadership is in good spirits after weeks of activism and press to get out our message to the masses. The Executive Board discussed the growing movement among college students to create their own White Student Unions around the nation. We have been in contact with students in Texas and Indiana who are taking the first steps to create their own WSU. Messages have flooded in from all around America and Europe to give praise for the concept of a pro-white youth movement. At the Towson WSU, we will do our best to vet the good intentions of all looking to pick up the banner of the folk to ensure that a consistent and productive message is put forth. For far too long, white activists have been bogged down with ineffective organizations that promote a message of hate rather than one of love for our people.

These positive developments are in addition to the growth of our own organization and recruitment among local universities in the Baltimore area. Myself and another member of the WSU Executive Board will be attending the American Renaissance conference in Nashville this weekend in hopes of making stronger connections between our allies here in America and in Europe. May God watch over all of you and may His blessing be upon our Cause. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Weekly Update

Comrades, it has been one heckuva week at the White Student Union. First, I would like to apologize to all those who have called, emailed, and written us letters whom we have not been able to get back in touch with yet. The outpouring of support has been so large that we are dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails behind, but fear not: we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. To those who have donated to us, thank you so much! As cash-strapped college students we appreciate every dollar that is donated to us. We plan to finish outfitting all female members with pepper spray and to expand our book club. Myself and other WSU members will be attending this weekend's American Renaissance conference, so I hope to see some of you there!

In the midst of interviews, protests, and a whole host of media attention, sometimes it is easy to forget why we are doing this in the first place. The WSU is not about recognition or fame; it is about doing our part to stop the genocide of our people. Around the globe, we see a European people on retreat. The global elites who are pushing for our destruction buy off our puppet leaders and provide endless hours of anti-white propaganda on the airwaves. Those who stand against the global elites or dare speak a word of politically incorrect thought are quickly tarred-and-feathered in the media and trotted out for the mob to mock. What we see now with the WSU is encouraging to us and dangerous for the global elites. While the media may be portraying us as evil and fringe, thousands of white Americans and our brothers and sisters from around the globe are embracing our values.

The WSU is not racist, we are not violent, but we will no longer be silent to the genocide against the European people. Demographic displacement by the Third World, attacks on our faith and cultural traditions, and global elites using banks and international agreements to deprive us of our basic rights to life and prosperity can no longer be tolerated. Here at the Towson WSU we have raised the flag for our people to rally around. The Republican Party, Conservative Inc, and even America as it is today has failed our people without question. The folk needs a new movement to reestablish a voice for our best interests, not one that wastes precious time with foolish attempts to take over the multi-billion dollar industry of American politics. That new future must come with a clear message and an unrelenting stance to stand and fight for our people. We do not hate any other race and we do not wish anyone harm, but we cannot sit idly by and watch the extinction of our folk or our Fatherland. The WSU represents not just a student group, but the beginning of a new movement to retake our destiny.

Thank you all so much for your support, and may we all be encouraged to unite in the fight for our very survival. God bless you all. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Weekend Hiatus

As the blessed beginning of Good Friday approaches, the Towson White Student Union would just like to inform all supporters, detractors, and reporters that we will not be responding to email or phone messages until the end of Holy Week. To our Orthodox brothers and sisters enjoy Holy Lent (only a few weeks to go!) Our dedication to our Cause and the folk is secondary only to our faith. Remember as the saying goes, "the Church is Europe and Europe is the Church." We look forward to talking with all of you when we return to business as usual on Monday. May you all have a blessed Easter.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Changes in WSU Structure

Due to the increase in new members and the ever-changing dynamic of our organization, we here at the Towson WSU are happy to promote our Secretary to the position of "Head of Safety Patrols." Also, as of late, the media has been misconstruing the title I personally have been using for the past few months. My position in the WSU is President and my term is until the end of May. The title "Commander" began as a joke when Leftist media outlets and communists on campus began referring to me as "Commander Heimbach," implying that I was the next George Lincoln Rockwell.

The hyperbolic nature of the media's presentation of our group as militant only furthered the joke within our organization that I was "Commander" of some evil secret brotherhood. The media would probably find us far less militant if they followed us to church, the WSU Bible Study, the WSU book club, nature trips, or going out to dinner as a group. While we are staunch advocates of the European folk, our culture, and our future, at the end of the day we are simply normal college students. Our members are not Stormtroopers looking to hurt others, and we are not a paramilitary organization. What we are is a voice of truth in an age of cultural Marxism and white guilt. Obviously the inside joke of going by "Commander" was lost on the media, so I will be returning to my formal title of "President." -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Response to WSU Night Patrols

The past few days have been interesting to say the least for us here at the Towson White Student Union. The story of white students uniting to help protect their community has caused a firestorm of press and discussions nationally. You know that when you make the Drudge Report that you have done something of interest. My apologies for all of those we have not responded to yet, the outpouring of support so far has been phenomenal! For every anti-white message or death threat that we receive we get two or three dozen messages of support. I want to thank all of you for taking our message of fighting racial double standards, supporting European-American culture, and providing civic service to our community and embracing that in your every day lives.

The Towson White Student Union's purpose in performing these night patrols is not for glory or controversy, it is to help our fellow students. While the University says that Towson is a safe place, tell that to the victims of sexual assaults and armed robberies. "Safe" just seems like an excuse made by bureaucrats who want to placate the masses. To the WSU we think that even one crime is too many. Peeping Tom's, armed robbers, thieves, and sexual predators have hurt Towson students in just the past month, does that sound safe to anyone?

We have said it before and we will say it again, our patrols will look out for all members of the community. If we come across a non-white student being harmed by a white assailant we will help the victim in all cases. Our goal is not to create some vigilante lynch mob as some of the media has suggested, instead our goal is to do three things during our patrols.

1. Identify: Our first goal is to identify potential crimes being committed and to get a proper description of the alleged offender.

2.: Notify: Once a crime has been identified our responsibility is to call the local authorities to report the crime. We are not police officers and our role is to leave arrest and forceful action to those who have been properly trained.

3. Help: Once the authorities have been notified our mission is to help the victim of the crime. All patrol members have received at least basic First Aid and CPR training and several of our patrol members are veterans of the United States military and have more advanced medical training. We will do our best to comfort and provide basic first aid to crime victims until our heroic Baltimore county first responders arrive.

Apparently the goal to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the police and to provide a public service does not go over well with the Leftist political establishment because the people who are organizing are white. If the Black Student Union were doing the same thing, we would be showering them with medals. However we notice that when white students want to help our community we are looked upon with scorn and suspicion.

No matter what, the Towson WSU will do our best to serve our community and remain within the limits of all local and State laws. May God bless all of you and may he watch over all of us. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liberal "Tolerance"

So far myself and other members of the White Student Union over the past few days have received death threats, threats of physical attack, and unmentionable other depraved acts. We at the White Student Union will not surrender, we will not pander to our foes, and we will not fail. We have had dozens of examples of liberal "tolerance" sent to us over the past few days. We will take all necessary precautions in notifying the authorities about these threats and make sure that all of our members are safe and secure. We will not be stopped by childish and illegal acts and united we will be victorious. -Commander Heimbach


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Commander Heimbach on the Thom Hartmann Show 3/18

White Student Union Commander went on the Thom Hartmann show yesterday to discuss the future of the Republican Party. Commander Heimbach discussed how the minority outreach programs should not be the focus of the GOP and it should instead go back to the Southern Strategy of working with the blue collar white vote. A staunch defense of traditional social values, including a strong stance against amnesty, would be a winning strategy for the Republicans, as amnesty hurts the blue collar labor market, creates demographic displacement for the traditional American population, and results in international corporations outsourcing our jobs. For now, however, it seems that the Republican Establishment will continue to chase the minority vote down the rabbit hole, and increasingly lose its solid traditional base.

Watch Commander Heimbach's interview with Thom Hartmann below

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekly Executive Board Report

Despite being named as part of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map, the Towson White Student Union has been enjoying itself. Undoubtedly to the sorrow of the SPLC we have all retained our jobs, continued to have friendships, and none of us have been driven into the wilderness for being on their "dreaded" list. The past week however has been amazingly productive for the WSU all thanks to the dedication of our supporters from around the globe and to the stalwart defense of our blessed Cause by our members.

A dozen male members recently went to the local Saint Pius X Latin Mass and then to the local shooting range together and practiced tactical firearms training while fifteen of our female members have already been enrolled in self defense classes. All donations received in the month of March will be used to outfit our members with self defense items such as pepper spray to allow us to patrol the campus and be protected against criminals while at Towson University.

Recruitment on campus is steady as we build both our above and below ground network of supporters and members. Seven new members in March have joined and taken the oath of service to our Cause. Moving beyond a pure campus movement, the WSU looks to get dedicated men and women who are truly willing to sacrifice for the advancement of European-American interests and be strong advocates within the organizations in the local community to move their discourse more in the direction of Christendom and our folk.

As close to two dozen of us prepare to head to the Conservative Political Action Conference labeled as independent, Towson College Republicans, Campaign for Liberty supporters, and other conservative organizations we will do our best to engage the issue of preservation of the European-American population and a strong stance against immigration. We will not surrender! Viva la Muerte! -Towson White Student Union Executive Board

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Towson WSU to Attend CPAC

Comrades and compatriots the Conservative Political Action Conference is upon us, or as we have decided to call it "Surrender-Con."

 The Republican Establishment will be trotting out only the best and brightest to tell the white socially conservative working class base why they need to support homosexual marriage, corporatism, blank checks for Israel, and amnesty for criminal border jumpers. None of us can be surprised that the GOP Establishment has once again decided to declare that the destruction of our people, our nation, and our industrial livelihoods somehow are what the Founding Fathers wanted.

In the midst of all of this, the Towson White Student Union will be attending CPAC in order to bring a voice of sanity to the Establishment and work with our truly Right-wing comrades to fight against the Amnesty Agenda. Join us in the National Harbor at the Gaylord Hotel this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to make one more effort to be non kosher conservatives and stand for the Constitution. We hope to see you all there. -WSU Executive Board Adopted Measure March 9th 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

White Student Union Officially Part of SPLC Hate Map

Members of the Towson White Student Union were pleased to find this morning that the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center has decided that our stand against the genocide of the European people from the face of the earth, demographic displacement of Europeans from our homelands, discrimination in the workplace, and a call to end foreign influence over our domestic affairs has made us such a threat to the Left that they put us on the Hate Map. We join fellow comrades such as the Family Research Council, Society of Saint Pius X Catholic Churches, and patriotic groups like the Oathkeepers. Well SPLC we will toast a round to you tonight and thank you for recognizing the hard work of the WSU to fight against everything you stand for. Gott mit uns - WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach

PS: Come check out the Hate Map on the SPLC website. Maryland is so full of "hate" that you have to click around a bit in the Baltimore area but we are there.

Monday, March 4, 2013

WSU members to attend Dr. Ron Paul's speech at George Washington University

The Towson WSU is happy to announce a last minute invitation by supporters at George Washington University to attend a speech by former congressman Dr. Ron Paul at 7pm today (3/4) at the GW Lisner Auditorium. At least half a dozen WSU members will be attending the speech to show our support for Constitutional government as our Founders originally intended it. 

Dr. Paul's strong stance against subsidizing other nations, being slaves to the International Banking System, and the Federal governments attack on the true founding principles of our nation line up exactly with the beliefs of the White Student Union. Many of us have volunteered on Dr. Paul's most recent two Presidential campaigns and look forward to supporting a true champion of the Alternative Right in America. Supporters are encouraged to attend the speech and support Dr. Paul's crusade against the political establishment that has hijacked our nation, our future, and our people. 

We hope to see plenty of you there and be sure to stand tall for liberty and the European-American nation that our Founders intended. Gott mit uns -WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Crime Wave Continues!

The frequent robberies, sexual assaults, and acts of vandalism at Towson University are not often reported in the local media. For those who are not Towson students it seems hard to fathom that every single day black predators prey upon the majority white Towson University student body. White Southern men have long been called to defend their communities when law enforcement and the State seem unwilling to protect our people.

The virtue of white Christian womanhood is under attack at Towson University by degenerate criminals seeking to rob our women of their God given innocence. Through armed thuggery the money of law abiding Towson students that is earned by the sweat of their brow is stolen and their lives threatened for simply walking down the street.

The WSU executive board has unanimously approved to make it mandatory for all female WSU members to begin taking some form of unarmed self defense training over the next month. Group funds will be used to purchase legal and nonlethal means of self defense for all members. Male WSU members are to be required to participate in weekly night patrols, unarmed self defense training, and the duty of escorting WSU female members to classes and their dorms. Male members are encouraged to travel together at night and always be vigilant of their surroundings and the potential to stop crimes if they witness them. Only through reliance upon our brothers and sisters united in Christ and shared blood can we hope to be ready to fend off packs of thugs when the moment for action comes.

Below are police reports sent over just the past three days to Towson students.

CRIME ALERT: On Campus Armed Robbery                         February 27, 2013
Towson University Police Department                                                                                         410-704-4444
On Wednesday, February 27 at 9:00 PM, the university police received a call from a commuter student. He reported that he was robbed at knife point while exiting campus near York Rd. and Burke. Ave. The incident was reported to have occurred between 7:20 – 7:30 PM. A wallet and personal items were taken from the victim. No injuries were reported. Four or five suspects were involved.

All suspects are described as black males, wearing black shirts and black pants. No further descriptions.......

CRIME ALERT: On Campus Peeping Tom                               February 26, 2013

Towson University Police Department                                                                                         410-704-4444

On Tuesday, February 26 at 1:50 PM, the university police received a call to the Administration Building in reference to a male in a female restroom on the 3rd floor. The suspect was believed to be attempting to take photos of females using the facility.

The suspect is described as a black male, approx. 5’5”, late 20’s early 30’s yrs. of age, black circular glasses, long black goatee, wearing a black knit hat, black and white checked coat and dark jeans.

CRIME ALERT:  Off Campus - 1st Degree Assault               February 25, 2013
       Towson University Police Department                                                       410-704-4444

Incident Summary:
On February 25, 2013 Towson University Police were made aware of a 1st degree assault that occurred on February 24, 2013 at 1:30 am at a parking garage near Pennsylvania Ave and York Rd.  The victims were on the roof of the parking garage engaged in sexual activity when they observed the suspect with his pants down masturbating towards them.  The suspect chased them downstairs and displayed a butterfly knife as he was yelling at them. 

Suspect Description: 
Black Male, 5-04 to 5-10 in height with a medium complexion and short black hair, No further description available.

February 25, 2013
       Towson University Police Department                                                                                 
Incident Summary:

On February 25, 2013 Towson University Police were made aware of a possible armed robbery that occurred on February 20, 2013 at 6:15 pm on Dulaney Valley Road near the Macy’s at the Towsontown Center Mall.  Two suspects approached the victims and engaged them in conversation before one of them lifted his shirt displaying what appeared to be a gun in his waistband.   Personal property was taken. No injuries were reported during the incident.
SUSPECT 1:  Black Male, 20-25 years of age, 5-06 in height with a medium build and brown eyes, No further description available.
SUSPECT 2: Black Male, 20-25 years of age, 5-08 in height, 160 lbs, last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt with the word FLORIDA written across the front. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WSU Executive Board Meeting

The executive board of the Towson White Student Union met today to discuss a series of important issues. Following Commander Heimbach's essay published on the WSU blog several executive board members decided to call an emergency meeting. Although these issues had been discussed in depth previously, the executive board thought it necessary to vote and draft official policy on these very important issues. Below are the motions brought before the executive board by executive board members and WSU members in good standing. To protect the identity of our members only first name and last initial will be used.

Proposal 1: A vote of  "no confidence" was brought before the board against Commander Matthew Heimbach. Member Daniel R. stated that "these statements made by the Commander alienate members of the folk united in the struggle for white survival. We must not drive away any potential allies." The executive board listened to testimony from members for twenty minutes before holding a vote. Commander Heimbach abstained from voting while the board voted 9 to 1 in striking down the proposal. Commander Heimbach will remain as leader of the WSU and has the support of the executive board and the membership.

Proposal 2: Treasurer Mary T. proposed officially denouncing hate groups, National Socialism, and neo-paganism. Hate groups are proposed as "not being a definition that is made up by anti-white groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center or Anti Defamation League, but instead any organization that believes in ethnic cleansing, hatred of other racial groups, or any organization that attacks the Christian faith." The motion was passed by a vote of 8 to 3.

Proposal 3: Commander Heimbach proposed that the WSU for their next speaker bring in Richard Spencer within the next two months. The motion was passed unanimously.

Proposal 4: Vice President Trevor T. proposed that those with any connections with the previously defined definition of hate group either must resign from the WSU or leave the hate organization. Commander Matthew Heimbach stated that "it is crucial for us to reject those organizations that will only weigh us down and who at the end of the day do not even come close to representing our true beliefs." The motion passed unanimously with two abstains.

                                                      -White Student Union Secretary Kyra L.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Invitation to Towson University

Dear Towson Community,

As we enter the Spring semester a whole new host of Diversity Programs are ready and waiting to “enrich” you by helping you to accept multiculturalism. It seems that every semester we allocate more money and more time to preaching the gospel of diversity here at Towson. We have a center for diversity, diversity seminars, diversity speakers, and even diversity days to help the campus community join together singing kumbaya with one another. At Towson everyone is taught to embrace their identity - as long as you aren’t white, of course. Perhaps if you identify as a liberal or work up a mighty powerful bout of self-loathing then the demagogues of diversity will pat you on the head and say that you are “one of the good ones.” Myself and other members of the White Student Union do not believe that this multiracial and multicultural campus is a thing to be celebrated. Diversity is just one more brick on the road to the genocide of the European people. Towson, I am issuing an invitation to you. The White Student Union would like to invite members of the community and the leadership of other race-based advocacy groups on campus to come forward and debate the topic of “Is Diversity a Strength?” If you believe so intensely that a multiracial society is the best, then come and let us discuss these ideas in a constructive manner, with open minds and open hearts.

                                   -White Student Union Commander Matthew Heimbach

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: A New Beginning

Dear Comrades and Compatriots,

By now the hangovers and revelry have subsided, and most folks are looking back at the year we have left behind and have begun planning for the future. The year 2012 has been one of hope and of heartbreak for those in the pro-white movement. The loss of great minds such as Louis R. Andrews and Arthur Jensen was tragic and they will be missed greatly. The never-ending flood of non-white immigrants to the West, savage attacks by the Left against our compatriots, and ever-rising levels of crime against whites worldwide would leave any sane person depressed. While I myself grieve for the victims of the war against our people, the future for our cause is looking brighter every single day. More and more right-wingers have realized that the mainstream political parties are not our allies, but rather our foes. The Republican Party does not care about stopping illegal immigration, protecting the Constitution, or even reducing the size of government. Millions of Americans have finally realized that the GOP and other centrist groups are not the answer. What we need is Revolution, not compromise with those who hate us, our people, and our values.

Globally, groups like the White Student Union in America and Generation Identitaire in France display the rising battle cry of the white youth: “White Guilt Is Over and There Shall Be No Retreat!”

Though long asleep, it appears to me that the folk are awakening from their slumber and beginning to fight back against our enemies who wish to tear us from our ancestral homelands and drive us to the brink of extinction. As 2013 dawns, it is evident that the white race has a choice to make: Shall we go silently into the night and be put down like an ailing pet? Or shall we stand and fight with the resolve of our brave ancestors like Stonewall Jackson, King Leonidas, and Erwin Rommel?

My friends, our enemies’ wealth is vast, their control of our governments and media is near absolute, and even members of our own people have sided with them to destroy us. In the face of such adversity, how are we to succeed? The answer is simple, my friends: fight back.

For too long the white race has been terrified of the Left slandering them in the media. The result has been that millions of people have sat at home for generations, only willing to mutter their thoughts under their breath after they had made sure the coast was clear. I understand this, my friends; I was there not too long ago. I remember the days of thinking “politically incorrect” thoughts but making sure to keep them to myself while working with the College Republicans. I smiled and nodded when the politicians I worked to support sold me out time after time on the issues that really mattered. They told me that tax cuts for millionaires were what we must fight for and that people who wanted to control immigration, stop the murder of the unborn, or support the 2nd Amendment were all “extremists.” They told me that I should keep away from that kind of talk for fear of alienating independent voters. I sat in the pew of a Church that told me that supporting illegal immigrants was “social justice” and that Jesus wanted me to support sending cruise missiles and endless tax dollars to Israel because the Jews are “God’s Chosen People.” I kept my views on race a secret in GOP meetings because conservatism is supposed to be the “Big Tent Party” and only race-baiting Leftists talked about the dreaded “R Word.” Finally, my friends, I came to a choice that every single one of us has to make at some point: Would I watch the death of everything I love and do nothing for the hope of a few shekels and a modest middle class life? Or would I believe that there is something in this world worth fighting for that is more valuable than dollars, pounds, Euros, or rubles?

That is a question that all of us must ask ourselves. Going to a Tea Party rally or saying a few jokes at the pub with your buddies is not what is needed to stop the death of our civilization. Action is what is needed, my friends, and 2012 showed me that action is possible. Legions of whites around the globe have taken to the streets, organized against the Globalist New World Order, and begun to express their identity throughout this past year. While freeing our people from this political, social, and economic slavery will not be easy, it is possible. Come together now and let 2013 be the year where we finally shout “No!” to the banksters, foreign influences, and traitors. Let them know that we will not go along like sheep to the slaughter with their anti-white agenda, and instead we will fight them until they pay for what they have done and until our people are once again free. Let 2013 be the year that we put aside our petty differences and unite together under one banner. Let 2013 be the year that the history books will record as the rising of the dawn for our people.

Tomorrow is always too late. Go out there and do something today, comrades, to guarantee a future not only for yourself but also for your children. May God bless all of you and may we all stand united.

                                -Towson WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach