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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WSU IS Going National: Creation of the Traditionalist Youth Network

Well comrades, we did it. As the school year at Towson University is officially over, I think it is time to take a look back at all that we have accomplished over the course of just one short year. From humble beginnings in a dorm room on campus, to being able to fill the back room of this restaurant with all of you enthusiastic white students, we have proven that the message of our folk is contagious. The desire to live in a nation made for our people and by our people has brought all of you here tonight. From putting out thousands of pieces of pro-white literature, to the speaker series, target practice, book club, the rally at May Day, and everything in between, the Towson White Student Union has built a community for us all. No longer do white students union have to feel ostracized and alone for having pride in their people while witnessing the genocide of our race. Finally a group has had the courage to stand up and organize against our enemies.

I want to take a moment to thank the men and women who have stood by my side. Many of you sitting up here at the executive board table have been here from Youth for Western Civilization through it all. I am humbled that men and women of such high caliber stayed loyal to my leadership and I know that most of you will be heavily involved in our upcoming project

The question on everyones mind tonight is “What does the future hold?” We all know the future of our people if we do not do something to stop our systematic genocide, but tonight I mean where does the WSU go from here. Dealing with being shut out by the University administration, we must continue to look towards expanding off of the campus and being the nucleus of a social movement to radically alter the face of this nation. As the youth organization Generation Identitaire is doing in France, we must recognize that while race is a key component, our folk customs, language, and Faith are all united in creating our identity.

Myself and other members of the executive board have been meeting with and discussing the possibility of uniting under a new banner with proven allies. Matt Parrott who is a true friend of mine and a prolific writer for the pro-white movement has proposed the creation of a new organization called the Traditionalist Youth Network. Working side by side we have drafted an organization that will take the message of the WSU far beyond the confines of Towson. This will be an avenue to organize a wide coalition of Kinists, social conservatives, Traditionalist Christians, believers in Right-Wing political ideologies, and other factions of the pro-white movement. I know that I myself have allowed my temper to flare on occasion with frustration at various segments of the pro-white movement throughout the course of my political career, and I know that all of my decisions have not been met with universal acclaim. But the future of our people is wider than just Towson University or personal views, we are facing an opportunity to begin the creation of a social movement that will bring together many smaller organizations are create a front to begin moving our people away from the cliff of diversity, and back onto sure footing. I have proposed the merger of the Towson White Student Union with the Traditionalist Youth Network to the executive board. With one abstention the motion has been passed unanimously. The board has graciously elected me to continue my role of leadership of our chapter and appointed Paddy to be my Vice-President. I know you all understand the stakes of our fight, and I hope and pray that this next year will bring us closer towards our goal of being able to say with confidence that our people have a Homeland and that our children will be safe. Thank you all and God bless you.
-Transcript of President Heimbach's speech from May 21st End of the Year WSU meeting.

Postscript: The new website and content for our activism will be based out of Myself and Matt Parrott will be beginning a discussion podcast that includes commentary on news events, interviews, music, and a whole lot of surprises. Several plans for activism and recruitment in our local communities alongside interest from students around the nation guarantees that this will be a very busy summer! I will be leaving the WSU blog up for the next week to make sure everyone gets this message. I cannot wait to continue our work off of the campus and to be able to bring our message to the world. We will need all of your support to be able to make this movement happen, I look forward to working with all of you. See you all at and thank you all for your support this year.

-Traditionalist Youth Network Executive Director Matthew Heimbach