To create an avenue for people to participate in political, cultural, educational, and social events to celebrate European heritage.

Friday, April 26, 2013

WSU Honors Mary Phagan

Today members of the White Student Union will be wearing black armbands and black ribbons to mourn for Mary Phagan. Today is the one hundredth anniversary of her brutal rape and murder in a pencil factory in Atlanta Georgia. Her manager, Leo Frank, was convicted of the horrendous crime and was put to death by a posse of Georgia citizens. The case when examined displays just the beginning of our current situation. Leo Frank was a New York Jew who came to Georgia to continue the practice of near enslavement of Southern women in factories. These women were always compensated  far less than what Northern women were (which was a pittance to begin with) which allowed huge profits to be made off the sweat and blood of the most innocent members of the Southern community. Both Northern carpetbaggers and Southern scalawags to this day have no qualms about using anyone, as long as it put money in their pocket. Many of the profits made in these factories were shipped back up North to financial bosses who oppressed the working class in the North and the South.

When Frank was on trial in Atlanta, the Northern media, liberals, and Jewish groups all attempted to corrupt the justice system of Georgia. Hundreds of these Northern agitators flooded into Georgia and raised immense amounts of money to try and set the child murderer free by manipulating public opinion. Out of this case the Anti Defamation League was founded, an organization that has been attacking Christians and white interests for a century now. What happened however is that the men and women of Georgia showed the world that they could not be bought off with thirty pieces of silver. Their child had been taken from them, and there would be justice.

One hundred years ago the people of Georgia resisted outside agitators and insidious internal influences to get justice for Mary Phagan, isn't it time we get justice for all of the victims of our people? WSU members will be wearing the black mourning armbands as a memorial to Mary Phagan, but also all of the members of the folk who have been victimized who still await  righteous justice to punish those who harmed them. May God have mercy on the soul of Mary Phagan and may God motivate all of us to fight for justice for our people.

Lord God, source and destiny of our lives, in Your loving providence You gave us Mary Phagan to grow in wisdom, age, and grace. Now You have called her to Yourself. We grieve over the loss of one so young and struggle to understand Your purpose. Draw her to Yourself and give her full stature in Christ. May she stand with all the angels and saints, who know Your love and praise Your saving will. Amen.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Terrorist Cites SPLC as Reason for Attack on Family Research Council

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization that is at the forefront of the anti-white agenda. Through denouncing any traditionalist organization ranging from parts of the Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts they attempt to suppress anything that is pro European, pro Christian, or simply does not go along with their radical Left wing agenda. While raking in tens of millions of dollars to pay exorbitant salaries to an organization run only by self-hating white liberals and Jews, they sit atop an ivory tower and do their best to further along the genocide of the white race. In their spare time however, it looks like the SPLC is the inspiration for Left wing terrorists. Domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II has been quoted as saying that he wanted to “kill as many [Family Research Council employees] as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” And what is the reason that this Leftist decided to attempt to commit a mass murder of innocent people simply because they supported traditional marriage? Let us turn back to the terrorist see what else he has to say“ [The] Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups... I found them online, did a little research, went to the website, stuff like that." Check out the Examiner article published yesterday for more information. 

Congratulations Southern Poverty Law Center, I hope you all feel real good about yourself. Not only do you push for the destruction of our people and our  faith, but now you are inspiring lunatic Leftists to shoot up their political opponents. Do us all a favor and just go spend your millions of dollars somewhere far away from the rest of us. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honoring a Fallen Hero

Today is the birthday of one of the many forgotten heroes of the folk. José Antonio Primo de Rivera was the founder of the Falange Española and one of the early martyrs in the struggle against communism in the Spanish Civil War. While I personally may not agree with all of his philosophy, Jose Rivera was a honorable and brave man who stood against the forces of communism in an age much like our own, where the enemy had the high ground. To honor this fallen patriot please head on over to Counter Currents and check out an in-depth piece of the man and his legacy, but below I want to include a powerful quote by the man who we all should honor and attempt to emulate. It is our time now comrades to pick up the banner of our fallen brothers, and march forward to victory. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

When your sons inherit the uniforms you now flaunt, they will with them inherit either the shame of hearing it said, "When your father wore this uniform what was once Spain ceased to exist," or the pride of remembering, "Our Spain did not succumb because my father and his brothers-in-arms saved her in the moment of truth." If you do, as the old version of the oath says, "May God reward you," and if you do not, may he call you to account.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baltimore Sun Letter to the Editor from Towson Alumni

A Towson alumni and former SGA Senator Mr. Blaine Taylor wrote in to the Baltimore Sun with a letter to the editor on April 18th. I thought that the message of Mr. Taylor would interest all of our supporters. -Matt Heimbach

"In case no one has noticed it yet, two-thirds of Towson University's past and current student body is and remains white. The current and past regime's mantra of "inclusion" and "diversity" is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise the whites.
This includes the recent Title 9 female over male baseball mess that the current TU president botched. TU is fine with all new ideas, just as long as they are theirs. During 1970-72 as an elected Student Government Association senator, I stood behind the effort to form a Black Student Union. The following year, when same wanted to operate illegally and without any auditing oversight of its spending, I opposed that. I recall vividly how the TU administration and the SGA fell all over themselves to create the BSU, but now they do everything possible to deny whites the same right to form a WSU. The reality is an on-going power struggle to disenfranchise all whites everywhere."
Blaine Taylor

Sunday, April 14, 2013

One Day Closer to Victory

As I sat with two members of the WSU today after church, our conversation turned to the future. In the WSU, we often discuss the heroes of our past, the villains of the present, and our people's future. One thing that is increasingly becoming clear is that the pendulum of history is swinging back in our direction. As the wailing and whining of the Marxist media increases its volume, what I have realized is that these aggressive attacks are actually the beginning of a death song for the Left. Each and every day, more people awaken to the cause of the Church Militant, the defense of our folk, and the establishment of a new Fatherland for our scattered and weary people. The Left's cries of political correctness and name-calling are beginning to fall on deaf ears as white people around the globe have started turning off their televisions and started reawakening to something greater than themselves. With hard work, new ideas, and the dedication that has made our people great, each and every day is one day closer to victory. Do not fear comrades, the night is always darkest right before the dawn. God bless. -Matt Heimbach

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Executive Board Meeting Write Up

As the weekend approaches, the WSU Executive Board has had a great meeting. Our membership and leadership is in good spirits after weeks of activism and press to get out our message to the masses. The Executive Board discussed the growing movement among college students to create their own White Student Unions around the nation. We have been in contact with students in Texas and Indiana who are taking the first steps to create their own WSU. Messages have flooded in from all around America and Europe to give praise for the concept of a pro-white youth movement. At the Towson WSU, we will do our best to vet the good intentions of all looking to pick up the banner of the folk to ensure that a consistent and productive message is put forth. For far too long, white activists have been bogged down with ineffective organizations that promote a message of hate rather than one of love for our people.

These positive developments are in addition to the growth of our own organization and recruitment among local universities in the Baltimore area. Myself and another member of the WSU Executive Board will be attending the American Renaissance conference in Nashville this weekend in hopes of making stronger connections between our allies here in America and in Europe. May God watch over all of you and may His blessing be upon our Cause. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Weekly Update

Comrades, it has been one heckuva week at the White Student Union. First, I would like to apologize to all those who have called, emailed, and written us letters whom we have not been able to get back in touch with yet. The outpouring of support has been so large that we are dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails behind, but fear not: we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. To those who have donated to us, thank you so much! As cash-strapped college students we appreciate every dollar that is donated to us. We plan to finish outfitting all female members with pepper spray and to expand our book club. Myself and other WSU members will be attending this weekend's American Renaissance conference, so I hope to see some of you there!

In the midst of interviews, protests, and a whole host of media attention, sometimes it is easy to forget why we are doing this in the first place. The WSU is not about recognition or fame; it is about doing our part to stop the genocide of our people. Around the globe, we see a European people on retreat. The global elites who are pushing for our destruction buy off our puppet leaders and provide endless hours of anti-white propaganda on the airwaves. Those who stand against the global elites or dare speak a word of politically incorrect thought are quickly tarred-and-feathered in the media and trotted out for the mob to mock. What we see now with the WSU is encouraging to us and dangerous for the global elites. While the media may be portraying us as evil and fringe, thousands of white Americans and our brothers and sisters from around the globe are embracing our values.

The WSU is not racist, we are not violent, but we will no longer be silent to the genocide against the European people. Demographic displacement by the Third World, attacks on our faith and cultural traditions, and global elites using banks and international agreements to deprive us of our basic rights to life and prosperity can no longer be tolerated. Here at the Towson WSU we have raised the flag for our people to rally around. The Republican Party, Conservative Inc, and even America as it is today has failed our people without question. The folk needs a new movement to reestablish a voice for our best interests, not one that wastes precious time with foolish attempts to take over the multi-billion dollar industry of American politics. That new future must come with a clear message and an unrelenting stance to stand and fight for our people. We do not hate any other race and we do not wish anyone harm, but we cannot sit idly by and watch the extinction of our folk or our Fatherland. The WSU represents not just a student group, but the beginning of a new movement to retake our destiny.

Thank you all so much for your support, and may we all be encouraged to unite in the fight for our very survival. God bless you all. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach