To create an avenue for people to participate in political, cultural, educational, and social events to celebrate European heritage.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Russia Today and WSU Leader Matthew Heimbach

On December 14th Towson White Student Union Leader Matthew Heimbach was a guest on Russia today to discuss the WSU, white interests, and the Jewish question.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

White Student Union Mentioned In New York Times Article

 "In September, a white student named Matthew Heimbach at Towson University caused a bit of an uproar when The Baltimore Sun reported that he was “gathering support” to start a white student union on campus. The newspaper pointed out: “His former group, Youth for Western Civilization, had sparked controversy with its public displays against Islam, same-sex marriage and multicultural education. That group disbanded after it lost the support of its faculty sponsor, but Heimbach said he hopes his new organization will promote white identity without disparaging other people.”

(It should be noted that Towson’s campus is in Maryland, one of the states in which the M.P.P. found the white child population to be less than 50 percent, and is on the outskirts of Baltimore, where whites are only 31.5 percent of the population, according to the Census Bureau.)
Now, putting Youth for Western Civilization’s intolerance aside for a moment (if that’s possible), we must ask: when will public displays of white pride become culturally acceptable? Will they forever be freighted with the weight of history — tantamount to gloating about privilege? Or should all racial and cultural pride be viewed more or less the same?

The Sun quoted Heimbach as saying, “It comes a point where we’re not directly involved in what happened centuries ago and our culture just perpetuates the guilt cycle.” He continued, “We want to provide a positive view of white identity.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hartmann vs Heimbach Round 2

Towson White Student Union leader Matthew Heimbach squared off again against anti-white commentator Thom Hartmann on his December 10th radio show.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

End of Semester Update

The members of the Towson White Student Union would once again like to thank our friends and comrades for their continued support. Last Tuesday we successfully brought American Third Position candidate for president Mr. Merlin Miller to our campus in the second part of our Right-Wing Speaker Series. 

Mr. Miller spoke to students, faculty, and supporters about the future of America, the role of foreign influence in our media, and the steps we can take to stop the demographic suicide of the Occident. Mr. Miller’s experiences in the military and Hollywood helped expose to Mr. Miller the vast and various issues in our society. Supporters came from multiple states to hear Mr. Miller talk and to support the Towson White Student Union.

In the week since Mr. Miller spoke, the WSU has been featured on French television, in addition to continuing our frequent night safety patrols, and campaigning against the construction of the building of a mega-mosque near Baltimore. Channeling the spirit of Charles Martel, a dozen WSU activists took the streets in nearby Woodbine, Maryland to raise awareness about this mega-mosque and get signatures for a petition to keep Islam out of our community.

Our next project before the semester ends is to begin planning our next speaker and preparing for winter activism projects. While school may be on break, the White Student Union will never stop the struggle for white rights. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the many who support us morally and financially. The costs of hosting events and purchasing activism supplies are high, but through your continued support the WSU will continue to be a voice for our people.

As the Christmas season approaches, we must all give thanks and rejoice for our many blessings. I personally am thankful for all of my comrades in arms. Both those who are visible and those who are under the radar play a role in making the WSU possible and in securing a future for the folk. May God bless you and protect you all during the holiday season, and with the start of 2013 coming, may we be one year closer to victory. Deo Vindice.
                                                                    -Towson White Student Union Leader Matthew Heimbach

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Merlin Miller To Speak At Towson 11/27

November 20, 2012

For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
Commander and Founder, Towson White Student Union
(240) 343-4943

Towson White Student Union To Host Patriot Merlin Miller

Towson, Maryland – The Towson White Student Union (“WSU”), has announced that it will be hosting Merlin Miller as the centerpiece of our second entry in our year long speaker series.

Prior to running for president, Mr. Miller was a film director, writer, and producer.  A graduate of West Point, Mr. Miller also once served in the military as an officer.

Matthew Heimbach, the founder and commander of the WSU, said, “We are thrilled to host Merlin Miller, the man Americans should have elected for President in 2012."

The event will be held on Tuesday November 27th at 7pm in the Towson University Union in room 305. We will be accepting RSVP's to guarantee a space by contacting 

Merlin Miller’s campaign website can be visited at  The American Third Position party website can be visited at

Also, the WSU is currently trying to solicit financial assistance from its supporters so as to continue to advance its mission of advancing White interests.  Personal checks, made out to “Matthew Heimbach” and with “WSU” in the subject line, can be mailed to:  White Student Union, P.O. Box 42431, Towson, MD 21284.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Message to Our Comrades

 Dear comrades,

Members of the Towson White Student Union would like to thank all of our friends for the amount of support we have received. While battling on the front lines of a war to determine the survival of our people, it would be impossible to carry on without you. We appreciate the gifts you can have given us in terms of both financial donations, which make it possible to run this group despite lack of resources from our university, and your kind messages of solidarity. 

On a daily basis members of the WSU face discrimination from professors, peers, and media outlets. At the University level it is daunting to face off against the united forces of communism, multiculturalism, and radical anti-white bias. Through the White Student Union, the members of the Towson European-American community are standing up to those who wish to destroy our people by providing a staunch resistance to their calls for perpetual white guilt and second-class citizenship for whites. 

While I personally commend the bravery of every man and woman at Towson University who stands triumphantly in resistance to the administration and anti-white radicals, I must also thank all of our supporters for making it possible. Your letters inspire us to carry on, and your financial contributions give us the munitions to truly make a difference in our community. Places around our entire nation, from Orange County, California to right here in Towson, Maryland, I am constantly surprised at how much support we truly have. We are now planning to bring in the 2012 American Third Position presidential candidate, the distinguished Merlin Miller, to our campus. Our original event had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but that has only given us more time to prepare and recruit talented young men and women into the organization. 

Beyond bringing in Merlin Miller we are currently preparing to help lead the struggle against the creation of the largest mega-mosque in the United States, which is being built in rural Howard County, Maryland. This is all in addition to keeping up consistent night patrols on campus, keeping a lookout for criminals and providing protective services to female students across campus after dark. The Towson White Student Union promotes civic virtue, pride, and a call to action for the white community at our university and across the globe. I am honored to serve with such a passionate and dedicated group of students, and I am honored to call each and every one of you who supports the WSU my friends. 

Though the situation may seem bleak and our enemies seem overpowering, the night is always darkest before the dawn. United we will win. God bless all of you and may you all continue to fight the good fight.
                                                              -Towson WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WSU's Second Public Event Announced!

October 21, 2012

For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
Founder and President, Towson White Student Union
(240) 343-4943

Towson White Student Union To Host Presidential Candidate

Towson, Maryland – The Towson White Student Union (“WSU”), has announced that it has tentatively scheduled its second public event, which will occur a week before the November 2012 election.  Merlin Miller, the American Third Position (“A3P”) party’s candidate for president of the United States, will speak at this event.

Prior to running for president, Mr. Miller was a film director, writer, and producer.  A graduate of West Point, Mr. Miller also once served in the military as an officer.

Matthew Heimbach, the founder and president of WSU, said, “We are thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to host as a speaker at Towson a candidate for president of the United States.”

The WSU recently hosted Jared Taylor of American Renaissance as a speaker.  Taylor spoke to a room packed with captivated listeners.

Merlin Miller’s campaign website can be visited at  The American Third Position party website can be visited at

Also, the WSU is currently trying to solicit financial assistance from its supporters so as to continue to advance its mission of advancing White interests.  Personal checks, made out to “Matthew Heimbach” and with “WSU” in the subject line, can be mailed to:  White Student Union, P.O. Box 42431, Towson, MD 21284.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Towson White Student Union Money Bomb

October 16, 2012

For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
Founder and President, Towson White Student Union
(240) 343-4943

Towson White Student Union Money Bomb
Pro-White Student Group Seeks Donations

Towson, Maryland – The Towson White Student Union (“WSU”), has announced that it is seeking monetary donations from its supporters.  Cash or personal checks, made out to “Matthew Heimbach” and with “WSU” in the subject line, can be mailed to:  White Student Union, P.O. Box 42431, Towson, MD 21284.  The WSU hopes to raise $10,000 by November 15.

Matthew Heimbach, the president and founder of the WSU, said, “Since forming, we have faced racial and political discrimination by anti-white liberals, and the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have taken shots at us, but we stand strong and continue to fight for European-American interests.”

The WSU has hosted Jared Taylor of American Renaissance at Towson University and plans to host many more likeminded speakers in the future.  Mr. Heimbach also recently participated in an interview with The Huffington Post, and continues to participate in media interviews so as to advance white interests.

Towson University has not recognized the WSU as a registered student organization, which means that the WSU is ineligible to receive funding from the university.

“The future of the White Student Union will be decided by our supporters,” Heimbach said.  “With adequate funding, we can and will fight for white rights in the belly of the beast that is academia.  A little money will go a very long way for us.”


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Non-White Violent Crimes Continue in Towson Community

CRIME ALERT: Off CAMPUS – ARMED ROBBERY                         
                                                                                                                 October 11,2012              

Towson University Police Department                                                 410-704-2133

Two resident students reported to TUPD that on 10/11/12 approximately 01:30 AM they were robbed at gunpoint at Aigburth and  Donnybrook.  Three male suspects displayed a semi-automatic handgun and demanded backpacks and cell phones. Suspect fled east toward Garden and Knollwood.  Baltimore County Police is investigating
Suspect Descriptions
Suspect #1:   Black male wearing a black hooded jacket 5’-9” – 6’,
Suspect #2:   Black male wearing an unknown color hooded jacket 5’-9 “—6’,
Suspect #3:   Light skinned or Hispanic male wearing a grey hooded jacket. 
Anyone who witnessed the crime or has information about it is asked to contact the Towson University Police Department at 410-704-2134 or The Baltimore County Police Department 410-887-2361.

WSU's Matthew Heimbach takes on the SPLC

Monday, October 8, 2012

Counter-Currents Radio interview of Towson WSU President

The interview can be heard online here.

Towson WSU to go on neighborhood watch patrols

October 8, 2012

For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
Founder and President, Towson White Student Union
(240) 343-4943
Towson WSU to go on anti-crime night patrols

Towson, Maryland -- In light of the recent sexual attack of a Towson University female student by four black males who surrounded her and began touching her body, members of the Towson White Student Union, armed with cell phones and cameras, will begin going on random night patrols on the campus of Towson University to deter such vile criminal attacks and to protect the safety and dignity of everyone.
Matthew Heimbach, the founder and president of the Towson WSU, said, "The freedom of the female students of Towson University has become threatened by roving bands of sex perverts who think nothing of attacking them.  The WSU will take back the night."

The WSU night patrols will call 911 to summon medical or police assistance if the circumstances require it.  Also, as is noted on the website of the Maryland Bar Association, citizen's arrests may be made by members of the WSU of criminal suspects.
Heimbach further added, "If a criminal suspect manages to escape justice, we will post any pictures that we take of them on our website so that members of the Towson University community will be able to participate in the process of identifying them.  We will give all evidence that we collect to the Towson University Police Department so that the criminals may be prosecuted."

The Towson WSU encourages Towson University students, regardless of their race, color, or creed, to participate in the night patrols.  The purpose of the WSU night patrols is to create a safe campus for everyone.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jared Taylor to speak at another university!

Jared Taylor, who the Towson White Student Union recently hosted as a speaker at Towson University, is now scheduled to speak at Texas A&M University at 8 p.m. on October 23, 2012.

The Facebook event for it can be viewed here.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Kyle Roger's article about the Towson WSU Jared Taylor event

The article by Kyle Rogers can be read online here.

AmRen's video of Towson WSU's Jared Taylor event

Towson University Crime

Crime continues to be an issue at Towson University. Anyone with information about the recent sexual assault should contact Towson University Police and help bring the criminals to justice. The Towson WSU will continue to bring awareness about crimes in the community and advocate for an end to minority-on-white crime to help bring about a safer environment for all.
"CRIME ALERT: On Campus/Fourth Degree Sex Offense                   
October 4, 2012
Towson University Police Department:   410-704-4444
Incident Summary
On October 3, 2012 Towson University Police Department received information that a student had attended the Homecoming Football Game on September 22, 2012 and upon its completion, began to walk to her apartment at Towson Place Apartments. At some time and place between Unitas Stadium and Towson Place Apartments, while still on campus, four black males surrounded the victim and began touching her body.  When the four males separated slightly, the victim ran to her apartment.
Towson University Police are continuing to investigate the incident and will notify the campus community when more detailed facts are developed."

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Video Footage of WSU's Jared Taylor Event

On October 2, 2012, the White Student Union hosted Jared Taylor of American Renaissance at Towson University.
The above video was taken by Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the leftist One People's Project.  Mr. Jenkins is currently being sued by David Yeagley for interfering with an event involving the latter and Mr. Taylor.
One can financially support Mr. Yeagley by contributing to his tax deductible 501(c)(3) educational charity by mailing a check to:

Bad Eagle Foundation
P.O. Box 75017
Oklahoma City, OK 73147

On another note, the White Student Union apologizes to the people who attempted to come to the event, but were turned away at the door by university police officers on the basis that the room was filled to capacity.  At our future events, we will make a point of having larger rooms.  It was difficult to guess how many people would attend the Jared Taylor event since we had no RSVP system, and since the university was charging our group for use of the room, we did not want to spend more money than was needed.

Monday, September 24, 2012

WSU is one step closer to university-recognition

The White Student Union is excited to report that it has taken one step closer toward becoming recognized by Towson University.  In fact, the organization now has a profile on a university-maintained website ( and is even promoting its first event on that website (

Monday, September 17, 2012

An Open-Letter to Racists

Towson University has many race- and ethnicity-based student organizations that exist to serve the unique political and cultural interests of those organizations.  These student groups are sanctioned by the university, which means that they get access to university-provided email accounts, university-provided website space, free rooms to host events, and even access to funding.  Many times, the events for these race- and ethnicity-based organizations are promoted by professors and administrators telling their students about the events.

Such race- and ethnicity-based student organizations that already exist on campus include:  Black Student Union, Caribbean Student Association, Chinese Student and Scholar Association, Filipino Cultural Association, Greek Heritage Society, Hillel, Iranian Student Union, Il Circolo (The Italian Club), Korean American Student Association, Latin American Student Organization, Pakistani Student Association, Saudi Student Club, South Asian Students Association, and Vietnamese Student Association.

The White Student Union (“WSU”) believes that it is good for the aforementioned groups to exist, so that students can celebrate their unique identities and to learn about their forefathers and their ancestral homelands.  Likewise, the WSU believes that students of European heritage—be they German, British, Irish, French, Spanish, Belgian, and so on—should be permitted, if not encouraged, to celebrate their own histories on campus, too.

The WSU would be for Towson students--if it becomes a registered student organization--of European ethnicity what the aforementioned student organizations are for their members.  The WSU, of course, would not discriminate against students who are not of European ethnicity—everyone would be invited to participate with the WSU in order to celebrate European culture and history and to advance the political interests of the Sons and Daughters of Europe.

It has come to the attention of WSU activists that political extremists are circulating a petition that calls for the WSU to be prevented from being sanctioned by the university.  Also, such extremists are also spreading malicious lies about the WSU, such as:  (1) the WSU wants to be an exclusive, segregated group for only white students, and (2) the WSU members are “white supremacist.”  These unfounded allegations are malicious smears that are being spread by extremists in attempt to deprive WSU members of their constitutionally-protected natural law-rights to free association and free speech.  The WSU unequivocally condemns these smears.

On The Young Turks program, an extremist proposed that the WSU be prevented from becoming sanctioned by the university after alleging that its members are “white supremacist.”  It is evil to suggest that American citizens—such as students at Towson—should be deprived by a government actor—such as a public university—of their First Amendment rights.  It is a damned, malicious lie for the extremist to further claim that WSU members are “white supremacist.”  The Young Turks reporter should spend more time checking her facts and less time engaging in Yellow Journalism if she wants to become a real journalist someday.  “Reporters” like her have been sued for a lot less.

In a television interview, Professor Richard Vatz and Vice President Teri Hall of Towson University spoke out against the WSU.  Dr. Vatz said, “When you have a group that calls itself a ‘White Student Union,’ their only purpose is generally hostility toward those who are non-white.”  Dr. Vatz also said, “Any time you organize a group around ‘whiteness,’ historically, you haven’t got a group that has a principle.”  Respectfully, Dr. Vatz, our purpose is love of our heritage and the principles on which we stand are those fostered by thousands of years of European scientists, philosophers, theologians, explorers, statesmen, and authors.  Although we lack pigment in our skin, our people do not lack principles, Dr. Vatz.

Dr. Hall stated, “Well, if inclusiveness is not the plan, then it would not be recognized by the Student Government Association.”  Dr. Hall should practice what she preaches and be inclusive of the WSU.

Talk like that from Dr. Vatz and Dr. Hall only furthers the argument that our country should bring back oaths of loyalty to the U.S. Constitution for those employed in the public sector.  The First Amendment to the United States Constitution recognizes the right to free speech--even for Towson university students who happen to be White and who are proud of their heritage.

Lastly, the extremists of the Anti-Defamation League (“ADL”) published a brief article on their website about the WSU.  The ADL pulled out their big guns for this one, because the terms “white supremacist” or “white supremacy” were used eleven times in this very brief blog post.  The WSU repudiates and condemns the repugnant, vile, and racist actions of the ADL in its effort to attack the Towson students who want to start a group through which they can celebrate their European heritage.  The ADL has no problem with the Towson chapter of Hillel, which is, in effect, a “Jewish Student Union.”  Hillel is for Jewish students what the WSU is for ethnically-European students, and yet the ADL is picking and choosing which student groups to hate and oppose.  Shame on the ADL.  (Readers are encouraged to research the history of the ADL, which was founded after Southerners killed a convicted child-rapist—named Leo Frank—who happened to be Jewish.  Also, the leader of the ADL, Abe Foxman, is a holocaust-denier insofar as he has denied the Armenian Genocide in which an estimated 1.5 million people were murdered.  One wonders whether Foxman also denies the Holodomor, in which 12 million Urkrainians were genocided after Jewish-communist leader Lazar Kaganovich masterminded a famine.)
The WSU will not be silenced.
In Freedom,
Matthew Heimbach
President and Founder
White Student Union

Monday, September 10, 2012

WSU to host Jared Taylor


For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
President and Founder, White Student Union
(240) 343-4943

Towson White Student Union to Host Jared Taylor
Speaker to discuss "The Case for White Identity."

Towson, Maryland -- The new organization, the Towson White Student Union, has arranged for Jared Taylor to speak at Towson University on October 2, 2012. At this free event, attendees will hear Mr. Taylor discuss the legitimacy of white racial consciousness and interests in the contemporary West.

Mr. Taylor is an American journalist who founded and has served as the editor of American Renaissance for more than 20 years. Mr. Taylor is the president of the New Century Foundation and is a former director of the National Policy Institute, a Montana-based think tank. He is also a former member of the advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly. He's spoken on many college campuses and made appearances on a number of news programs.

Born to missionary parents in Japan, Mr. Taylor is the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century and Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America.

Matthew Heimbach, the founder and president of the White Student Union, said, "It is an honor to host Jared Taylor. I could not think of a better way to begin the school year than by hosting a speech by him. The students of Towson will finally be afforded the opportunity to learn something other than the cultural Marxism that is espoused by their professors."