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Monday, October 8, 2012

Towson WSU to go on neighborhood watch patrols

October 8, 2012

For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
Founder and President, Towson White Student Union
(240) 343-4943
Towson WSU to go on anti-crime night patrols

Towson, Maryland -- In light of the recent sexual attack of a Towson University female student by four black males who surrounded her and began touching her body, members of the Towson White Student Union, armed with cell phones and cameras, will begin going on random night patrols on the campus of Towson University to deter such vile criminal attacks and to protect the safety and dignity of everyone.
Matthew Heimbach, the founder and president of the Towson WSU, said, "The freedom of the female students of Towson University has become threatened by roving bands of sex perverts who think nothing of attacking them.  The WSU will take back the night."

The WSU night patrols will call 911 to summon medical or police assistance if the circumstances require it.  Also, as is noted on the website of the Maryland Bar Association, citizen's arrests may be made by members of the WSU of criminal suspects.
Heimbach further added, "If a criminal suspect manages to escape justice, we will post any pictures that we take of them on our website so that members of the Towson University community will be able to participate in the process of identifying them.  We will give all evidence that we collect to the Towson University Police Department so that the criminals may be prosecuted."

The Towson WSU encourages Towson University students, regardless of their race, color, or creed, to participate in the night patrols.  The purpose of the WSU night patrols is to create a safe campus for everyone.