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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Message to Our Comrades

 Dear comrades,

Members of the Towson White Student Union would like to thank all of our friends for the amount of support we have received. While battling on the front lines of a war to determine the survival of our people, it would be impossible to carry on without you. We appreciate the gifts you can have given us in terms of both financial donations, which make it possible to run this group despite lack of resources from our university, and your kind messages of solidarity. 

On a daily basis members of the WSU face discrimination from professors, peers, and media outlets. At the University level it is daunting to face off against the united forces of communism, multiculturalism, and radical anti-white bias. Through the White Student Union, the members of the Towson European-American community are standing up to those who wish to destroy our people by providing a staunch resistance to their calls for perpetual white guilt and second-class citizenship for whites. 

While I personally commend the bravery of every man and woman at Towson University who stands triumphantly in resistance to the administration and anti-white radicals, I must also thank all of our supporters for making it possible. Your letters inspire us to carry on, and your financial contributions give us the munitions to truly make a difference in our community. Places around our entire nation, from Orange County, California to right here in Towson, Maryland, I am constantly surprised at how much support we truly have. We are now planning to bring in the 2012 American Third Position presidential candidate, the distinguished Merlin Miller, to our campus. Our original event had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but that has only given us more time to prepare and recruit talented young men and women into the organization. 

Beyond bringing in Merlin Miller we are currently preparing to help lead the struggle against the creation of the largest mega-mosque in the United States, which is being built in rural Howard County, Maryland. This is all in addition to keeping up consistent night patrols on campus, keeping a lookout for criminals and providing protective services to female students across campus after dark. The Towson White Student Union promotes civic virtue, pride, and a call to action for the white community at our university and across the globe. I am honored to serve with such a passionate and dedicated group of students, and I am honored to call each and every one of you who supports the WSU my friends. 

Though the situation may seem bleak and our enemies seem overpowering, the night is always darkest before the dawn. United we will win. God bless all of you and may you all continue to fight the good fight.
                                                              -Towson WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach