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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honoring a Fallen Hero

Today is the birthday of one of the many forgotten heroes of the folk. José Antonio Primo de Rivera was the founder of the Falange Española and one of the early martyrs in the struggle against communism in the Spanish Civil War. While I personally may not agree with all of his philosophy, Jose Rivera was a honorable and brave man who stood against the forces of communism in an age much like our own, where the enemy had the high ground. To honor this fallen patriot please head on over to Counter Currents and check out an in-depth piece of the man and his legacy, but below I want to include a powerful quote by the man who we all should honor and attempt to emulate. It is our time now comrades to pick up the banner of our fallen brothers, and march forward to victory. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

When your sons inherit the uniforms you now flaunt, they will with them inherit either the shame of hearing it said, "When your father wore this uniform what was once Spain ceased to exist," or the pride of remembering, "Our Spain did not succumb because my father and his brothers-in-arms saved her in the moment of truth." If you do, as the old version of the oath says, "May God reward you," and if you do not, may he call you to account.