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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Day RamZPaul Video

Mr. Paul Ramsey is a hero and a rising star in the alternative right movement. Mr. Ramsey uses humor to get our message across to millions of viewers on Youtube and other forms of social media. I was honored to meet him in person at the American Renaissance conference and had a fantastic time exchanging ideas, having a few beers, and enjoying some real Tennessee hospitality (the type where Communists get threatened by the locals, the Reds smash a bottle over a nationalist girls head, then they get beat in a bar fight, and then they are thrown out and the nationalists get bought several rounds of drinks by the locals to apologize for letting the Reds in the door.) Mr. Ramsey is a true patriot and everyone who supports the WSU should watch his videos. Mr. Ramsey was kind enough to do a video about the WSU march against the communists, check out below. -Matthew Heimbach