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Saturday, May 4, 2013

After Action Report

An Honest Plea 
   As most of you have already heard or seen the footage by now, the WSU confronted a horde of self-styled reds, Marxists, anarcho-syndicalists, ever dedicated full-time bearded baristas and professional couch-surfers in front of the north lawn of the white house in the nation's capital last Wednesday.  The reds, in their attempts to make us look like "white supremacists" (with generous aid from the left-wing, liberal media in using that term to describe us in nearly every article out there from the Huffington Post to Raw Story) have, in a fashion so embarrassingly typical of their perverted ilk, only succeeded in shooting themselves in the foot this time, which can be easily witnessed by the thousands of comments supportive of our folks featured in the many videos posted all over the inter-web.  Indeed, their pitiable attempts at this backfired, thus making them look like the rabid aggressors, which in truth, they were. 

 Of course, we knew full well the gang of lazy, single-digit, basement-dwelling oxygen thieves would react the way they did.  Although, we do admit the bottles of urine we were doused with was an authentic surprise.  I mean, hey, nothing says "the workers struggle has no borders" more than flinging your own bodily fluids at a political adversary!  What we did not expect, of course was just how lowly these types in their rotten nature were, when the next day we viewed footage of them storming a Gap clothing store and looting it whilst terrorizing the workers (remember, take note once again, this is the tolerant crowd that audaciously shout from the hilltops "solidarity with the worker").  And, in yet another cowardly move, the mass of asymmetrical-faced degenerates then viciously attacked the police ten to one and shouted death threats at them.  But what this says more than anything, and what is perhaps most spine-rattling is how obviously helpless, vulnerable and lacking-in-support the police were.  Bear in mind, too this happened in Washington D.C. - the lion's den.  Coming from a family of police and military, I know something about these scenes didn't look right.  For one thing, after the violence at the Gap store, they were allowed to continue the march.  The lack of police backup was, to say the least, frightening to the core, for even after they assaulted and beat two officers in front of the Gap, one of them, upon confronting us leaped upon an officer and proceeded to hit him repeatedly in the face.  It was not long after this that one of our friends and comrades was assaulted.  And I say that not to discredit our brave officers who protected us in the name of liberty and free speech once the insufferable sea of anti-White, anti-Western, expendable socialist cruds tried to wash over us.  Indeed, our hearts go out to all of those officers; their families are truly blessed to have such honorable, bold men stand against a swarm of weak, disorganized. limp-wristed slobs and we salute them all.  What we at the WSU so gravely want to stress is that this is a sign of the times to come.  Like it or not, this is where we are headed, guys.  Our own police were deprived of much-needed reinforcements in the nation's capital.  An even more alarming scenario took place in Seattle, where eighteen of our police were assaulted.  This has already been the reality for years in some nations in Europe, including Poland, the U.K., and especially Greece.  The left in this country are becoming more radical than they have in years, and they are hellbent on snatching away all of your cultures and the traditions they birthed in the name of an ideology they know so little about (oh, the shock), one that has failed many times over in its short but bloody history that left millions dead and many more starved, tortured, hopelessly impoverished and miserable.  Another thing to take note is that this is an annual march for them, and nearly every year there are problems.  Yet, they are permitted to convene every year, on the first of the month of May and engage in their usual thuggery and apish "revolutionary" activities, which mostly involve shouting profanities, urinating in the streets, looting stores and businesses (you know, in the name of worker's solidarity) attacking police officers, terrorizing the citizenry, and threatening tourists and passersby, especially those who voice their dissent at their barbaric and low-class behavior. 

 To those on the other side of the fence who despise us and what we stand for, we urge you, from the bottom of our hearts to consider this:  Take a good, hard gander at the young faces amongst that crowd.  Harness for but a moment your political convictions, clear your minds and forget what your professors and media czars have said.  Can you truly, honestly look at these misguided young men and women and say you see decent, civilized, PEACEFUL youths fighting for human rights?  Does truth and spirit glimmer in their damning eyes and obscene tongues as they shout vile, hateful rhetoric to our police who lay their very lives on the line every day for us?  And bear in mind, I'm not sure how many of you know this, but some of these people were not just "fringe leftists" and your usual run-of-the-mill anarcho creeps who've heard one too many Kathleen Hanna records, either.  Some of them among the crowd were in more of the well-known anti-war women's groups like Code Pink, whose members can be seen in a couple of other videos on YouTube debating us.  This is what the future is if you don't wipe the sleep out of your eyes and accept the fact that the last two generations have FAILED, royally and miserably, I might add, in keeping ungrateful, uncivilized, foul, bratty, little upstarts of the lowest common denominator like this OUT of your lives, OUT of your schools and universities, OUT of your communities, OUT of your families and your homes, OUT of your streets, OUT of your country, and OUT of your beloved hemisphere that your forebears' carved for YOU out of the Occidental wilderness.  We urge you, our brave fellows and countrymen, our bold and graceful ladies of the West, to join us.  If not for your people's sake, then, in the name of all that is sacred and holy, for your families'. 

 Let it be known that on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, the foot soldiers of the multiculturalist left, the legacy of the baby boomer's inverted ethos showed their true colors to America and the rest of the world. 

We always knew who you were.  Now, thanks to your stupidity and ignorance, so does everyone else. 
-WSU Executive Board member Paddy T.