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Monday, March 4, 2013

WSU members to attend Dr. Ron Paul's speech at George Washington University

The Towson WSU is happy to announce a last minute invitation by supporters at George Washington University to attend a speech by former congressman Dr. Ron Paul at 7pm today (3/4) at the GW Lisner Auditorium. At least half a dozen WSU members will be attending the speech to show our support for Constitutional government as our Founders originally intended it. 

Dr. Paul's strong stance against subsidizing other nations, being slaves to the International Banking System, and the Federal governments attack on the true founding principles of our nation line up exactly with the beliefs of the White Student Union. Many of us have volunteered on Dr. Paul's most recent two Presidential campaigns and look forward to supporting a true champion of the Alternative Right in America. Supporters are encouraged to attend the speech and support Dr. Paul's crusade against the political establishment that has hijacked our nation, our future, and our people. 

We hope to see plenty of you there and be sure to stand tall for liberty and the European-American nation that our Founders intended. Gott mit uns -WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach