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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Changes in WSU Structure

Due to the increase in new members and the ever-changing dynamic of our organization, we here at the Towson WSU are happy to promote our Secretary to the position of "Head of Safety Patrols." Also, as of late, the media has been misconstruing the title I personally have been using for the past few months. My position in the WSU is President and my term is until the end of May. The title "Commander" began as a joke when Leftist media outlets and communists on campus began referring to me as "Commander Heimbach," implying that I was the next George Lincoln Rockwell.

The hyperbolic nature of the media's presentation of our group as militant only furthered the joke within our organization that I was "Commander" of some evil secret brotherhood. The media would probably find us far less militant if they followed us to church, the WSU Bible Study, the WSU book club, nature trips, or going out to dinner as a group. While we are staunch advocates of the European folk, our culture, and our future, at the end of the day we are simply normal college students. Our members are not Stormtroopers looking to hurt others, and we are not a paramilitary organization. What we are is a voice of truth in an age of cultural Marxism and white guilt. Obviously the inside joke of going by "Commander" was lost on the media, so I will be returning to my formal title of "President." -WSU President Matthew Heimbach