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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Invitation to Towson University

Dear Towson Community,

As we enter the Spring semester a whole new host of Diversity Programs are ready and waiting to “enrich” you by helping you to accept multiculturalism. It seems that every semester we allocate more money and more time to preaching the gospel of diversity here at Towson. We have a center for diversity, diversity seminars, diversity speakers, and even diversity days to help the campus community join together singing kumbaya with one another. At Towson everyone is taught to embrace their identity - as long as you aren’t white, of course. Perhaps if you identify as a liberal or work up a mighty powerful bout of self-loathing then the demagogues of diversity will pat you on the head and say that you are “one of the good ones.” Myself and other members of the White Student Union do not believe that this multiracial and multicultural campus is a thing to be celebrated. Diversity is just one more brick on the road to the genocide of the European people. Towson, I am issuing an invitation to you. The White Student Union would like to invite members of the community and the leadership of other race-based advocacy groups on campus to come forward and debate the topic of “Is Diversity a Strength?” If you believe so intensely that a multiracial society is the best, then come and let us discuss these ideas in a constructive manner, with open minds and open hearts.

                                   -White Student Union Commander Matthew Heimbach