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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WSU Executive Board Meeting

The executive board of the Towson White Student Union met today to discuss a series of important issues. Following Commander Heimbach's essay published on the WSU blog several executive board members decided to call an emergency meeting. Although these issues had been discussed in depth previously, the executive board thought it necessary to vote and draft official policy on these very important issues. Below are the motions brought before the executive board by executive board members and WSU members in good standing. To protect the identity of our members only first name and last initial will be used.

Proposal 1: A vote of  "no confidence" was brought before the board against Commander Matthew Heimbach. Member Daniel R. stated that "these statements made by the Commander alienate members of the folk united in the struggle for white survival. We must not drive away any potential allies." The executive board listened to testimony from members for twenty minutes before holding a vote. Commander Heimbach abstained from voting while the board voted 9 to 1 in striking down the proposal. Commander Heimbach will remain as leader of the WSU and has the support of the executive board and the membership.

Proposal 2: Treasurer Mary T. proposed officially denouncing hate groups, National Socialism, and neo-paganism. Hate groups are proposed as "not being a definition that is made up by anti-white groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center or Anti Defamation League, but instead any organization that believes in ethnic cleansing, hatred of other racial groups, or any organization that attacks the Christian faith." The motion was passed by a vote of 8 to 3.

Proposal 3: Commander Heimbach proposed that the WSU for their next speaker bring in Richard Spencer within the next two months. The motion was passed unanimously.

Proposal 4: Vice President Trevor T. proposed that those with any connections with the previously defined definition of hate group either must resign from the WSU or leave the hate organization. Commander Matthew Heimbach stated that "it is crucial for us to reject those organizations that will only weigh us down and who at the end of the day do not even come close to representing our true beliefs." The motion passed unanimously with two abstains.

                                                      -White Student Union Secretary Kyra L.