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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Terrorist Cites SPLC as Reason for Attack on Family Research Council

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization that is at the forefront of the anti-white agenda. Through denouncing any traditionalist organization ranging from parts of the Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts they attempt to suppress anything that is pro European, pro Christian, or simply does not go along with their radical Left wing agenda. While raking in tens of millions of dollars to pay exorbitant salaries to an organization run only by self-hating white liberals and Jews, they sit atop an ivory tower and do their best to further along the genocide of the white race. In their spare time however, it looks like the SPLC is the inspiration for Left wing terrorists. Domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II has been quoted as saying that he wanted to “kill as many [Family Research Council employees] as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” And what is the reason that this Leftist decided to attempt to commit a mass murder of innocent people simply because they supported traditional marriage? Let us turn back to the terrorist see what else he has to say“ [The] Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups... I found them online, did a little research, went to the website, stuff like that." Check out the Examiner article published yesterday for more information. 

Congratulations Southern Poverty Law Center, I hope you all feel real good about yourself. Not only do you push for the destruction of our people and our  faith, but now you are inspiring lunatic Leftists to shoot up their political opponents. Do us all a favor and just go spend your millions of dollars somewhere far away from the rest of us.