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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Executive Board Meeting Write Up

As the weekend approaches, the WSU Executive Board has had a great meeting. Our membership and leadership is in good spirits after weeks of activism and press to get out our message to the masses. The Executive Board discussed the growing movement among college students to create their own White Student Unions around the nation. We have been in contact with students in Texas and Indiana who are taking the first steps to create their own WSU. Messages have flooded in from all around America and Europe to give praise for the concept of a pro-white youth movement. At the Towson WSU, we will do our best to vet the good intentions of all looking to pick up the banner of the folk to ensure that a consistent and productive message is put forth. For far too long, white activists have been bogged down with ineffective organizations that promote a message of hate rather than one of love for our people.

These positive developments are in addition to the growth of our own organization and recruitment among local universities in the Baltimore area. Myself and another member of the WSU Executive Board will be attending the American Renaissance conference in Nashville this weekend in hopes of making stronger connections between our allies here in America and in Europe. May God watch over all of you and may His blessing be upon our Cause. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach