To create an avenue for people to participate in political, cultural, educational, and social events to celebrate European heritage.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Weekend Hiatus

As the blessed beginning of Good Friday approaches, the Towson White Student Union would just like to inform all supporters, detractors, and reporters that we will not be responding to email or phone messages until the end of Holy Week. To our Orthodox brothers and sisters enjoy Holy Lent (only a few weeks to go!) Our dedication to our Cause and the folk is secondary only to our faith. Remember as the saying goes, "the Church is Europe and Europe is the Church." We look forward to talking with all of you when we return to business as usual on Monday. May you all have a blessed Easter.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Changes in WSU Structure

Due to the increase in new members and the ever-changing dynamic of our organization, we here at the Towson WSU are happy to promote our Secretary to the position of "Head of Safety Patrols." Also, as of late, the media has been misconstruing the title I personally have been using for the past few months. My position in the WSU is President and my term is until the end of May. The title "Commander" began as a joke when Leftist media outlets and communists on campus began referring to me as "Commander Heimbach," implying that I was the next George Lincoln Rockwell.

The hyperbolic nature of the media's presentation of our group as militant only furthered the joke within our organization that I was "Commander" of some evil secret brotherhood. The media would probably find us far less militant if they followed us to church, the WSU Bible Study, the WSU book club, nature trips, or going out to dinner as a group. While we are staunch advocates of the European folk, our culture, and our future, at the end of the day we are simply normal college students. Our members are not Stormtroopers looking to hurt others, and we are not a paramilitary organization. What we are is a voice of truth in an age of cultural Marxism and white guilt. Obviously the inside joke of going by "Commander" was lost on the media, so I will be returning to my formal title of "President." -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Response to WSU Night Patrols

The past few days have been interesting to say the least for us here at the Towson White Student Union. The story of white students uniting to help protect their community has caused a firestorm of press and discussions nationally. You know that when you make the Drudge Report that you have done something of interest. My apologies for all of those we have not responded to yet, the outpouring of support so far has been phenomenal! For every anti-white message or death threat that we receive we get two or three dozen messages of support. I want to thank all of you for taking our message of fighting racial double standards, supporting European-American culture, and providing civic service to our community and embracing that in your every day lives.

The Towson White Student Union's purpose in performing these night patrols is not for glory or controversy, it is to help our fellow students. While the University says that Towson is a safe place, tell that to the victims of sexual assaults and armed robberies. "Safe" just seems like an excuse made by bureaucrats who want to placate the masses. To the WSU we think that even one crime is too many. Peeping Tom's, armed robbers, thieves, and sexual predators have hurt Towson students in just the past month, does that sound safe to anyone?

We have said it before and we will say it again, our patrols will look out for all members of the community. If we come across a non-white student being harmed by a white assailant we will help the victim in all cases. Our goal is not to create some vigilante lynch mob as some of the media has suggested, instead our goal is to do three things during our patrols.

1. Identify: Our first goal is to identify potential crimes being committed and to get a proper description of the alleged offender.

2.: Notify: Once a crime has been identified our responsibility is to call the local authorities to report the crime. We are not police officers and our role is to leave arrest and forceful action to those who have been properly trained.

3. Help: Once the authorities have been notified our mission is to help the victim of the crime. All patrol members have received at least basic First Aid and CPR training and several of our patrol members are veterans of the United States military and have more advanced medical training. We will do our best to comfort and provide basic first aid to crime victims until our heroic Baltimore county first responders arrive.

Apparently the goal to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the police and to provide a public service does not go over well with the Leftist political establishment because the people who are organizing are white. If the Black Student Union were doing the same thing, we would be showering them with medals. However we notice that when white students want to help our community we are looked upon with scorn and suspicion.

No matter what, the Towson WSU will do our best to serve our community and remain within the limits of all local and State laws. May God bless all of you and may he watch over all of us. -WSU President Matthew Heimbach

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liberal "Tolerance"

So far myself and other members of the White Student Union over the past few days have received death threats, threats of physical attack, and unmentionable other depraved acts. We at the White Student Union will not surrender, we will not pander to our foes, and we will not fail. We have had dozens of examples of liberal "tolerance" sent to us over the past few days. We will take all necessary precautions in notifying the authorities about these threats and make sure that all of our members are safe and secure. We will not be stopped by childish and illegal acts and united we will be victorious. -Commander Heimbach


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Commander Heimbach on the Thom Hartmann Show 3/18

White Student Union Commander went on the Thom Hartmann show yesterday to discuss the future of the Republican Party. Commander Heimbach discussed how the minority outreach programs should not be the focus of the GOP and it should instead go back to the Southern Strategy of working with the blue collar white vote. A staunch defense of traditional social values, including a strong stance against amnesty, would be a winning strategy for the Republicans, as amnesty hurts the blue collar labor market, creates demographic displacement for the traditional American population, and results in international corporations outsourcing our jobs. For now, however, it seems that the Republican Establishment will continue to chase the minority vote down the rabbit hole, and increasingly lose its solid traditional base.

Watch Commander Heimbach's interview with Thom Hartmann below

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekly Executive Board Report

Despite being named as part of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map, the Towson White Student Union has been enjoying itself. Undoubtedly to the sorrow of the SPLC we have all retained our jobs, continued to have friendships, and none of us have been driven into the wilderness for being on their "dreaded" list. The past week however has been amazingly productive for the WSU all thanks to the dedication of our supporters from around the globe and to the stalwart defense of our blessed Cause by our members.

A dozen male members recently went to the local Saint Pius X Latin Mass and then to the local shooting range together and practiced tactical firearms training while fifteen of our female members have already been enrolled in self defense classes. All donations received in the month of March will be used to outfit our members with self defense items such as pepper spray to allow us to patrol the campus and be protected against criminals while at Towson University.

Recruitment on campus is steady as we build both our above and below ground network of supporters and members. Seven new members in March have joined and taken the oath of service to our Cause. Moving beyond a pure campus movement, the WSU looks to get dedicated men and women who are truly willing to sacrifice for the advancement of European-American interests and be strong advocates within the organizations in the local community to move their discourse more in the direction of Christendom and our folk.

As close to two dozen of us prepare to head to the Conservative Political Action Conference labeled as independent, Towson College Republicans, Campaign for Liberty supporters, and other conservative organizations we will do our best to engage the issue of preservation of the European-American population and a strong stance against immigration. We will not surrender! Viva la Muerte! -Towson White Student Union Executive Board

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Towson WSU to Attend CPAC

Comrades and compatriots the Conservative Political Action Conference is upon us, or as we have decided to call it "Surrender-Con."

 The Republican Establishment will be trotting out only the best and brightest to tell the white socially conservative working class base why they need to support homosexual marriage, corporatism, blank checks for Israel, and amnesty for criminal border jumpers. None of us can be surprised that the GOP Establishment has once again decided to declare that the destruction of our people, our nation, and our industrial livelihoods somehow are what the Founding Fathers wanted.

In the midst of all of this, the Towson White Student Union will be attending CPAC in order to bring a voice of sanity to the Establishment and work with our truly Right-wing comrades to fight against the Amnesty Agenda. Join us in the National Harbor at the Gaylord Hotel this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to make one more effort to be non kosher conservatives and stand for the Constitution. We hope to see you all there. -WSU Executive Board Adopted Measure March 9th 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

White Student Union Officially Part of SPLC Hate Map

Members of the Towson White Student Union were pleased to find this morning that the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center has decided that our stand against the genocide of the European people from the face of the earth, demographic displacement of Europeans from our homelands, discrimination in the workplace, and a call to end foreign influence over our domestic affairs has made us such a threat to the Left that they put us on the Hate Map. We join fellow comrades such as the Family Research Council, Society of Saint Pius X Catholic Churches, and patriotic groups like the Oathkeepers. Well SPLC we will toast a round to you tonight and thank you for recognizing the hard work of the WSU to fight against everything you stand for. Gott mit uns - WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach

PS: Come check out the Hate Map on the SPLC website. Maryland is so full of "hate" that you have to click around a bit in the Baltimore area but we are there.

Monday, March 4, 2013

WSU members to attend Dr. Ron Paul's speech at George Washington University

The Towson WSU is happy to announce a last minute invitation by supporters at George Washington University to attend a speech by former congressman Dr. Ron Paul at 7pm today (3/4) at the GW Lisner Auditorium. At least half a dozen WSU members will be attending the speech to show our support for Constitutional government as our Founders originally intended it. 

Dr. Paul's strong stance against subsidizing other nations, being slaves to the International Banking System, and the Federal governments attack on the true founding principles of our nation line up exactly with the beliefs of the White Student Union. Many of us have volunteered on Dr. Paul's most recent two Presidential campaigns and look forward to supporting a true champion of the Alternative Right in America. Supporters are encouraged to attend the speech and support Dr. Paul's crusade against the political establishment that has hijacked our nation, our future, and our people. 

We hope to see plenty of you there and be sure to stand tall for liberty and the European-American nation that our Founders intended. Gott mit uns -WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach