To create an avenue for people to participate in political, cultural, educational, and social events to celebrate European heritage.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Invitation to Towson University

Dear Towson Community,

As we enter the Spring semester a whole new host of Diversity Programs are ready and waiting to “enrich” you by helping you to accept multiculturalism. It seems that every semester we allocate more money and more time to preaching the gospel of diversity here at Towson. We have a center for diversity, diversity seminars, diversity speakers, and even diversity days to help the campus community join together singing kumbaya with one another. At Towson everyone is taught to embrace their identity - as long as you aren’t white, of course. Perhaps if you identify as a liberal or work up a mighty powerful bout of self-loathing then the demagogues of diversity will pat you on the head and say that you are “one of the good ones.” Myself and other members of the White Student Union do not believe that this multiracial and multicultural campus is a thing to be celebrated. Diversity is just one more brick on the road to the genocide of the European people. Towson, I am issuing an invitation to you. The White Student Union would like to invite members of the community and the leadership of other race-based advocacy groups on campus to come forward and debate the topic of “Is Diversity a Strength?” If you believe so intensely that a multiracial society is the best, then come and let us discuss these ideas in a constructive manner, with open minds and open hearts.

                                   -White Student Union Commander Matthew Heimbach

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: A New Beginning

Dear Comrades and Compatriots,

By now the hangovers and revelry have subsided, and most folks are looking back at the year we have left behind and have begun planning for the future. The year 2012 has been one of hope and of heartbreak for those in the pro-white movement. The loss of great minds such as Louis R. Andrews and Arthur Jensen was tragic and they will be missed greatly. The never-ending flood of non-white immigrants to the West, savage attacks by the Left against our compatriots, and ever-rising levels of crime against whites worldwide would leave any sane person depressed. While I myself grieve for the victims of the war against our people, the future for our cause is looking brighter every single day. More and more right-wingers have realized that the mainstream political parties are not our allies, but rather our foes. The Republican Party does not care about stopping illegal immigration, protecting the Constitution, or even reducing the size of government. Millions of Americans have finally realized that the GOP and other centrist groups are not the answer. What we need is Revolution, not compromise with those who hate us, our people, and our values.

Globally, groups like the White Student Union in America and Generation Identitaire in France display the rising battle cry of the white youth: “White Guilt Is Over and There Shall Be No Retreat!”

Though long asleep, it appears to me that the folk are awakening from their slumber and beginning to fight back against our enemies who wish to tear us from our ancestral homelands and drive us to the brink of extinction. As 2013 dawns, it is evident that the white race has a choice to make: Shall we go silently into the night and be put down like an ailing pet? Or shall we stand and fight with the resolve of our brave ancestors like Stonewall Jackson, King Leonidas, and Erwin Rommel?

My friends, our enemies’ wealth is vast, their control of our governments and media is near absolute, and even members of our own people have sided with them to destroy us. In the face of such adversity, how are we to succeed? The answer is simple, my friends: fight back.

For too long the white race has been terrified of the Left slandering them in the media. The result has been that millions of people have sat at home for generations, only willing to mutter their thoughts under their breath after they had made sure the coast was clear. I understand this, my friends; I was there not too long ago. I remember the days of thinking “politically incorrect” thoughts but making sure to keep them to myself while working with the College Republicans. I smiled and nodded when the politicians I worked to support sold me out time after time on the issues that really mattered. They told me that tax cuts for millionaires were what we must fight for and that people who wanted to control immigration, stop the murder of the unborn, or support the 2nd Amendment were all “extremists.” They told me that I should keep away from that kind of talk for fear of alienating independent voters. I sat in the pew of a Church that told me that supporting illegal immigrants was “social justice” and that Jesus wanted me to support sending cruise missiles and endless tax dollars to Israel because the Jews are “God’s Chosen People.” I kept my views on race a secret in GOP meetings because conservatism is supposed to be the “Big Tent Party” and only race-baiting Leftists talked about the dreaded “R Word.” Finally, my friends, I came to a choice that every single one of us has to make at some point: Would I watch the death of everything I love and do nothing for the hope of a few shekels and a modest middle class life? Or would I believe that there is something in this world worth fighting for that is more valuable than dollars, pounds, Euros, or rubles?

That is a question that all of us must ask ourselves. Going to a Tea Party rally or saying a few jokes at the pub with your buddies is not what is needed to stop the death of our civilization. Action is what is needed, my friends, and 2012 showed me that action is possible. Legions of whites around the globe have taken to the streets, organized against the Globalist New World Order, and begun to express their identity throughout this past year. While freeing our people from this political, social, and economic slavery will not be easy, it is possible. Come together now and let 2013 be the year where we finally shout “No!” to the banksters, foreign influences, and traitors. Let them know that we will not go along like sheep to the slaughter with their anti-white agenda, and instead we will fight them until they pay for what they have done and until our people are once again free. Let 2013 be the year that we put aside our petty differences and unite together under one banner. Let 2013 be the year that the history books will record as the rising of the dawn for our people.

Tomorrow is always too late. Go out there and do something today, comrades, to guarantee a future not only for yourself but also for your children. May God bless all of you and may we all stand united.

                                -Towson WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach