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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Towson WSU to Attend CPAC

Comrades and compatriots the Conservative Political Action Conference is upon us, or as we have decided to call it "Surrender-Con."

 The Republican Establishment will be trotting out only the best and brightest to tell the white socially conservative working class base why they need to support homosexual marriage, corporatism, blank checks for Israel, and amnesty for criminal border jumpers. None of us can be surprised that the GOP Establishment has once again decided to declare that the destruction of our people, our nation, and our industrial livelihoods somehow are what the Founding Fathers wanted.

In the midst of all of this, the Towson White Student Union will be attending CPAC in order to bring a voice of sanity to the Establishment and work with our truly Right-wing comrades to fight against the Amnesty Agenda. Join us in the National Harbor at the Gaylord Hotel this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to make one more effort to be non kosher conservatives and stand for the Constitution. We hope to see you all there. -WSU Executive Board Adopted Measure March 9th 2013