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Thursday, March 7, 2013

White Student Union Officially Part of SPLC Hate Map

Members of the Towson White Student Union were pleased to find this morning that the left wing Southern Poverty Law Center has decided that our stand against the genocide of the European people from the face of the earth, demographic displacement of Europeans from our homelands, discrimination in the workplace, and a call to end foreign influence over our domestic affairs has made us such a threat to the Left that they put us on the Hate Map. We join fellow comrades such as the Family Research Council, Society of Saint Pius X Catholic Churches, and patriotic groups like the Oathkeepers. Well SPLC we will toast a round to you tonight and thank you for recognizing the hard work of the WSU to fight against everything you stand for. Gott mit uns - WSU Commander Matthew Heimbach

PS: Come check out the Hate Map on the SPLC website. Maryland is so full of "hate" that you have to click around a bit in the Baltimore area but we are there.