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Sunday, April 14, 2013

One Day Closer to Victory

As I sat with two members of the WSU today after church, our conversation turned to the future. In the WSU, we often discuss the heroes of our past, the villains of the present, and our people's future. One thing that is increasingly becoming clear is that the pendulum of history is swinging back in our direction. As the wailing and whining of the Marxist media increases its volume, what I have realized is that these aggressive attacks are actually the beginning of a death song for the Left. Each and every day, more people awaken to the cause of the Church Militant, the defense of our folk, and the establishment of a new Fatherland for our scattered and weary people. The Left's cries of political correctness and name-calling are beginning to fall on deaf ears as white people around the globe have started turning off their televisions and started reawakening to something greater than themselves. With hard work, new ideas, and the dedication that has made our people great, each and every day is one day closer to victory. Do not fear comrades, the night is always darkest right before the dawn. God bless. -Matt Heimbach